ASUS Transformer Prime now available online at Future Shop


  • LakerCaptain

    I went in to the Kingston store on Jan 9th and they didn’t have any in stock at the store, but they had 52 at the warehouse in Brampton. I just paid for one on lay away and had it sent to the store 3 days later. As soon as I connected to my wifi at home it updated to ICS. Love it so far. Works great.

  • hurric

    it’s not available in any store…it’s lying

    • hurric

      at least in vancouver

    • TabletTech

      I see it physically Montreal and it seems to be a good tablet. Now Futureshop has it online only and also has a few in stock online from time to time

  • dizzy

    Already ordered mine online from Staples a few days ago.

  • MikeW

    Who cares, they dropped the ball by not having it available for Christmas.

  • MikeW

    There’s people slapping their forehead right now because they got a Lenovo for Christmas.

  • oasf

    Meh. I’m waiting for the $250 7-inch ASUS Transformer Prime.

    • HtcMan

      Did they say which month? I Want it bad! For 250 its a steal

  • Non

    This is not a good time to buy a tablet. They gonna cost a lot less around summer. Wait a little bit longer

  • mac

    id rather own a playbook 2.0 after seeing a vid on that….

  • FoxholeAtheist

    I would have bought one of these if they had been available before Xmas, or even shortly after. Now, however, I know that there’s the TF700 on the way, and a host of other Tegra 3 tablets. Hope Asus learns that a tablet is not really “released” if nobody can buy one.

  • Matt

    Im not going to rush onto the Futureshop website to order one of these. I have mine reserved for a good price on a website and I’m getting mine next week!

  • Jay

    I love how this thing gets an official ICS update before my Nexus S. WTF is that?

  • Jimbo

    The problem with waiting for the TF700 is that when it is finally ready to be released there will be something else like an 8 core monkey busting HD dual screen tablet annouced and then you will have to wait for it!!!!

    If it will fit your needs and wants then get it and enjoy it. You can only be on the cutting edge for a very short time before someone else has something better.

    Mine is ordered and scheduled for delivery tomorrow.

    • daveloft

      No the reason to wait for the TF700 is because it will likely launch after the iPad 3. After the iPad 3 the Prime will drop to around $400 and the TF700 will be about $500.

      The better display, improved WiFi and GPS performance is also a good reason to wait. Of course there will always be a new device every six months. But I’d rather wait for the refined version, then the one that’s released early with issues.

    • Mark

      Agreed. ASUS launching a redesigned Prime just weeks after the launch? Major changes being design alterations to address wifi/gps? That spells design flaw. Regretfully, I’m not touching this now. The current Prime will likely be discontinued soon, so yeah, look for price drops.

    • deltatux

      The WiFi issue is a little overblown since it only affect a few units. WiFi works as intended on mine at full speed. GPS is a bit finicky, does take longer to lock on, but it does lock on. It’s not instant like on my Nexus S but it works. Works better outdoors of course.

      As for the TF201 being discontinued, it will NOT be discontinued when the TF700T comes out. The TF700T is meant to be the upmarket model of the TF201 (costs $100 more). Basically, the TF201 will fully replace the original TF101 and the TF700T will be the new flagship model.

  • Chris Manchur

    I hope this is available on January 20, I badly want this for my birthday! And until now, everywhere I looked, I mean EVERYWHERE, was sold out.

  • simian

    Tempted but after the announcement of a model refresh, I might wait till it goes on sale.

    • Rooney

      Problem is that the “refresh” costs $100 more.

  • EmperumanV

    I think I will hold off till more quad core Android tablets come into the market. No PB 2.0 or new iPad for me.

  • Josh

    i’m debating buying a playbook 64gb for $299 or should i wait for the asus memo 370t to come out in the second quater of 2012 and by the way i dont got a blackberry phone

    • Ustafa

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  • Andy

    Should i get the Transformer Prime? Sony S? or Lenovo Ideapad K1
    the K1 is the cheapest and best to offer for the price at 329.99 32gb
    Sony has the best feel to it (in my opinion) for 399.99 16gb
    Tranformer Prime is 499.99 but is probably the best tablet so far

    I don’t want to get an iPad mainly because it doesn’t have a micro sd card slot (FML)
    I do like Apple I’m typing this right now with my Macbook and have my iPhone4S beside me
    but I’m not an Apple “Fanboy”. The iPad is a pretty sweet Tablet but WAY OVERPRICED! if it was like 399.99 or something then i wouldn’t even be asking the question as to which tablet i should get
    please help this is somewhat frustrating… but don’t suggest and iPad

    • Broski

      Get the Playbook as the OS 2.0 update comes next month. You can get the 64GB version for $250 with a coupon or so I’ve heard.

  • Jerrik

    Not bad. I would have purchased this if I didn’t win my Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 from work. Getting a free tablet is always better than paying for one, in my opinion at least. I’ll be selling it along with my Galaxy S2 to pay for the Galaxy S3 when it comes out in the Spring time.

  • wewewi

    I really dont see why Asus would release a 250$ as long as the 499$ model sells like warm bread. Stop dreaming. Act.

  • Mike

    Wanted it before Xmas, now I’m perfectly happy with my ipad2. HD version sounds nice, but no more Asus for me. The botched launch totally turned me off.

  • 3DoubleD

    For all of those people thinking of holding off on their purchase, consider:

    1) Price: There are no guarantees that the price will drop significantly after the iPad3 or the TF700 launch. Both tablets are at least $100 more for the same storage capacity. Also consider that they are still selling the almost year old TF101 for $499 with the dock. Yes there were boxing day sales for less, but that’s how it is on a regular day and Black Friday is a long way off.

    2) Wifi/GPS: Having had the Prime for a couple days now I can safely say, yes the GPS is terrible. I’ve only tried indoors, but I’ve never received a signal. The Wifi on the other hand is great and I have absolutely no complaints. I can easily max out my 35 mbps internet connection and stream HD (1080p high profile x.264) over my wireless N network around my house. Seems like the Wifi issues were limited to the initial batch sent to reviewers (like Anandtech). Yes, the antenna is still behind an aluminum casing, but the second antenna for signal diversity must largely negates this issue.

  • Daniel Bader

    Guys, I’ll be getting one of these in the next few days and will do a review. Will take note of any WiFi/GPS issues and whether it’s worth the price.

  • Scott

    Ordered mine yesterday from Staples and it’s expected delivery was slated for today. Hopefully, my wife is home when they try to deliver it, otherwise …?

  • Jimbo

    Got mine delivered today from Staples (thanks Mobilesyrup) at 8:55, ordered it on Saturday. Wifi has been solid. Haven’t tried the gps yet. o dead pixals. Haven’t seen any bleeding either. Already upgraded to ICS. Haven’t attached the keyboard yet either.

    1st impressions……this thing is very fast.

  • CaryC

    Just ordered mine online at Future Shop yesterday after waiting patiently for availability since early December. Will definitely check GPS/WiFi capabilities.

  • frankindoodle

    I see a couple of scenarios here.

    1-Asus is receiving unexpected high demand for this hard to make tablet, therefore, availability is an issue. They just can’t make them fast enough.

    2-Asus slowed down production of the TF201 Prime to ensure higher quality Primes go out the door, reducing hardware issues. At the same time, buying themselves time as they prepare for the TF700T launch.

    3-They pre-made thousands/millions of TF201 Primes @pre-launch with even more flaws, so now they’re ripping the batch apart to repair them and then selling them somewhat fixed. Explains the delays.

    4-They’re secretly working on tweaks to the current TF201 that would perhaps help boost Wifi/GPS performance that would make early adopters (such as me) happier. Hay you never know.

    5-They’re “F%#^*in” with us all

    It’s gotta be one of thesse….

  • LEKO

    Can’t wait to get mine… Got screwed by they accepted too much online orders. I should have choose

    I wait for the next batch…