Canadians downloaded 41 million apps between Christmas and New Years Eve


  • Adam

    Strange North Korea isn’t on the top-10 list…….

    • Ted Bundy

      What is it that all the rim-jobbbers always recite? Something about the US market doesn’t matter? LOL

  • mukrenol

    the more interesting part is what apps they downloaded…

  • John F.

    Just another stat showing that IPhone is the king of apps, as well as the most superior phone currently on the market.

    • Zomby

      I’m interested to know how that little mind of yours came to these ridiculous conslusions from those stats who includes Android apps.

  • dbfresh

    i call bullshit on these stats

  • Mark

    Wow its amazing that with our small population we beat every European and Asian country except China and the U.K. Although the most surprising thing is that Japan is only 10th I would have expected them to be much higher on the list considering how technologically advanced they are.

    • Adam

      Just means they spend their time developing microchips instead of downloading fart apps