Apple’s ‘Santa loves Siri’ ad deemed most effective holiday commercial


  • Louis

    Holding handeld devices while driving is illegal! ;p

  • Lol

    This ad blows.

  • Me Ted

    You gotta be joking. How very scientific of Ace Metrix.

  • Afzal

    Copying Google much?

  • John

    Ummmm… yea right. I havent even seen this ad on TV… or anywhere except Mobile Syrup.

    Great Ad Apple… not.

  • Rocco StiffReddi

    Excellent ad.. umm will the iphone work on Wind? bwhahhahahahah

  • Jesse

    I thought it was very tastefully done.

  • ELNY

    Gotta give it to Apple for their solid marketing team. With the billions of $$ that Google is making with Android, they need to step their game up.

  • EvanK

    As much as I dislike Apple and wouldn’t buy an iPhone if somebody paid me, I have to admit that this is a clever ad.

  • Shredda

    Only effective if you have TV. I cut the cord months ago, so I’m guessing this wasn’t too effective for me (I won’t buy an iPhone anyways, but that’s a different conversation.)

  • H

    Santa would be kind of screwed in Canada, given that Siri can’t look up locations there.

  • Preacher

    its a nice Add, but im with H on this one. Santa is screwed once he leaves the states

  • Pahech

    Siri is also almost completely pointless. My US acquaintances with the 4S rarely uses the feature after the first 2 weeks.

  • TeknoBug

    This commercial seemed silly, how is it effective?

  • sp

    so true about santa being sent down to antartica if he tried to use Siri for directions in Canada.

    sorry to say but this commercial is for the isheep of the world.

    i switched to the Galaxy SII and the stock voice program (Vlingo) is freaking actually can look up directions in Canada ^_^

    not to mention Iris is funny as hell if you download it for the droid.

    Santa might need to carry a droid when he leaves US for directions!!