Rogers Sony Ericsson Xperia arc OS 2.3.4 now available to download


  • uhhhh

    uhh.. why..? 4.0? Hell, at least 2.3.7..?

  • Greg

    Yup, upgraded mine this morning!!!!

  • Tu

    damn, still no 2.3.4 for my xperia play…

  • wewewi

    Got a friend with that one..

    Guess he chose it to be sure no one else had the same phone in a 100km radius. (He’s the one who bought it in Quebec City)

  • Ken

    Does this update give the phone that snappy little CRT-off animation when you lock the screen?

  • Jayme

    @Ken yes it does.

  • Bob

    Did anyone in Toronto get the update? I don’t have it yet.
    What features does this update give your Arc?

    • JPTN

      More landscape for stock apps.
      Better calendar.
      Drag-to-share from the launcher.
      Folders with icons.
      Panoramic camera.
      More Facebook integration.

      It’s also rootable with “zergRush”.
      Search on YouTube for “BluechipJ”

    • Lee

      I’m in Toronto and I still don’t have it – I’ve been checking OTA periodically this morning but no luck.
      Anyone else attempted the manual approach?

  • Jayme

    I did the manual approach through their “PC Companion” software. 1 AM on Tuesday.

  • Bob

    Does the manual approach delete your apps or remove the root?

    • JPTN

      Over-the-air updates keep all data, apps and root.
      PC Companion tells you if it’s a full wipe or an incremental upgrade.

      Google zergRush. It roots ALL Xperia firmwares.

  • inc

    so if i do ota i wont loose my root?

  • k.

    why only the arc and not the other 2011 xperias on rodgers

  • mark

    i have 2.3.3 installed and it keeps telling me i have the latest os installed i have tried both ota and pc companion 🙁

  • mrakattak

    time hit 11:59 and the website went doen… good news… i could now upgrade to 2.3.4 on my arc lol

  • OttawaUser

    Anyone else’s not working in Ottawa?

  • OttawaUser

    I have tried OTA and PC Companion, and both did not work for my arc LT15a. Any solutions, or ideas to as when Ottawa will get this update?

    • Ryan

      Check if usb debugging is selected. Unselect if it is. I couldnt get mine to work until i tried that.

  • Filk

    In the Toronto area for me and I still don’t see it OTA.

  • Ryan

    In Winnipeg, update not yet available.. 🙁

  • E.S.

    Not available in Montreal ! 🙁

  • Eli

    Hi all, I have a question that Im hoping someone can answer.

    I have an unlocked Rogers Xp. Arc. But Iam currently in Europe. Will I get this update to 2.3.4 or will I have to wait for a european update?