Google has activated 200 million Android devices… 550,000 new activations everyday


  • Matt

    in 3 years the whole world will have an android device at this rate 🙂

    • Android lover

      That’s because they count even a OS update a new activation. Pure marketing.

    • Android lover

      Even after hard numbers are reported which show a decline in Android marketshare, Android cheerleaders will still claim their platform is “winning” by quoting activation numbers, a fuzzy figure which can include everything from the “activations” which take place after an OS upgrade or reinstall to each time a prepaid Android buyer turns on each new disposable phone. But activation numbers can safely be ignored, and once the marketshare numbers for the current quarter are finalized, it’ll be clear that the iPhone 4S has tipped marketshare growth in Apple’s favor, at the expense of Android along with other platforms like BlackBerry.

    • b

      @Android Lover

      I lol’d. You’re joking right?

    • Stuntman

      @Android lover: Where are you seeing that Android is losing market share? From this source, Android is gaining market share:

  • Dalex

    Impressive numbers to say the least and good for Google and the OEMs supporting android as it continues to mature. I’m a little dissapointed in Google Music not being made available to us though.

  • Rob

    I love my Samsung Galaxy Infuse with Gingerbread and my Asus Transformer tablet. I have been a Blackberry user for so long – I feel liberated now.

  • EC

    Android, the only now OS that lets you browse the file system (without hacks or some kind of jailbreaking bullshit)

    its the new Windows mobile in regards to customization

  • Dalex

    So.. umm with 52% market share and climbing android is losing? What are you smoking? Pure marketing? Really? Coming from an obvious apple fanboy. The Icrap4s is just that: pure marketing. Its a crappy outdated device that is completely closed down, way too small and doesn’t offer anything that can compare to android. A rehash of an 18 month old device is supposed to be impressive? Keep your crappy excuse for a smartphone (that’s insulting to the term smartphone really, there’s nothing smart about an iphone)

  • boojay

    Android’s got a big d|ck. Apple’s got a tight tw@t, which is precisely why they’re getting completely screwed by the droid.

  • Android!

    Google+ will get way more traction with Google Music. If I was an Indie artist, the first thing I would do is set up an Artist Hub and announce it at my shows. I just wish Google would roll out services globally.

  • dutchman13

    The elephant in the room here is when is this coming to Canada!!!!!!!! Ahhh, lets hope its not a repeat of the Google Voice disappointment. Anyone have any idea when they’re planning to bring it global? It’s not very accurate to say that they’re leveraging 200 million Android users when only a fraction of them can use this service.

  • Me Ted

    @Android lover
    Stop masturbating to pics of Steve Jobs you i***t.

  • CADDMan

    Impressive numbers, however very deceptive graphic. It says that they’ve doubled their total activations in 6 months from 100million to 200million but the graph indicates (assuming the base line represents zero) a 9.5x increase of activations. Marketing’s easy to read deceptions make things look more impressive to today’s low attention span consumers. Politician’s do the same thing to suck in the i***t voters who don’t bother actually reading and merely look at the headlines. Might explain the occupy movements.

    • Geoff

      That’s a really large assumption that the base line is 0. The whole point of the graph is to show an increase from 100 million to 200 million and an exponential growth rate. Putting the base line at 0 would make half of the graph blank and provide literally no additional information.

      It’s totally possible that someone looks at the graph, ignores the labels of 100 million to 200 million, and assumes that growth has gone from nothing to a massive amount. But I doubt it will seriously happen.

      Chances are, the graph isn’t even perfectly plotted along the line. Did sales really increase in a smooth exponential curve? I’m going to guess no. But this really isn’t the point that the graph is trying to make.