Google announces the “Galaxy Nexus Challenge”


  • EAK47

    Sucks to live in Quebec again…

  • Jay Jay

    I’d stand on my head til the 21st if it meant getting a Nexus!

  • overkill

    It seems to say that there is a winner every day (first correct answer to puzzle question is considered winner), but only 7 prizes.

  • ilikepizza


  • NAP

    Interesting the contest only runs until November 21. I am guessing this is when the Nexus will be released or December 5th. Now granted that they would not want contestants to have units in their hands before release, I would go with the earlier date.

  • crimsona

    They aren’t going to declare a $600 ARV as a prize valuation because the IRS requires people to file 1099-MISC forms for prize winnings of $600 and up.

    “Form: 1099-MISC

    Title: Miscellaneous Income

    What to Report: Rent or royalty payments; prizes and awards that are not for services, such as winnings on TV or radio shows.

    Amounts to Report: $600 or more, except $10 or more for royalties”

  • Mac

    Why do most contest not run in quebec- I know they have different contest laws but what specifically stops them or deters them?

    • Matt

      Its because no one likes them.

    • james

      cuz dealing with the Quebec governmental red tape (fees, taxes, etc.,) is akin to dealing with rogers customer service…needless to say then, contest organizer would prefer to just exclude them. 🙁

  • EAK47


    Quebec Governement laws any contest or lottery inside/outside the province.

    Furthermore, the contest rules have to be minimum un French.

    They protect too much the dumb people.

    Hey look, I don’t care if the rules are not in French, I speak Englsh d*** it!

  • Kenny

    Cool beans. This contest will be as easy as MobileSyrup’s phone contests… oh, wait… ;P

  • wewewi

    They dont need to have rules in french;

    The thing is ANY contest has to pay 1% of the prize’ worth to be legit;

    Dont have to say this is ridiculous..

    Votez Coalition du Québec!!!

  • todd

    the odds of winning are 1 in 142,000 plus but someones going to win the best phone to be released for 2011,no sour grapes here and congrats to all the lucky winners that do win

  • atka

    Interesting they are not using google÷

    • chall2k5

      google+ isn’t as popular, and Google wants as many ppl as possible to try to win…its all for publicity

  • fnair

    As far as I know, Google+ doesn’t allow contests… That’s why…