Mobilicity brings back the $25/month Unlimited talk, text and data plan

To keep the friendly wireless competition spirits high this holiday season Mobilicity recently launched their “$40 Happier Holidays” promo. This gave the whole kit and caboodle with some nice add-ons, but they have just re-launched their popular $25/month plan (under-cutting WIND’s $29/month plan) that includes Unlimited talk, text, data and caller I.D.

Crazy prices. In addition, couple this deal with their current trade in/port over credit that gives new customers a $200 credit… Would love to see their subscriber numbers and understand how on earth are making money.

Here’s the fine print:
“Taxes are extra. Limited time offer. Restrictions may apply on combining offers with other offers or promotions and only applicable to new activations. ‘Guarantee Rate for Life’ means your $25 plan shall remain $25 for as long as your account remain active with Mobilicity. All features included in each plan must originate within a Mobilicity Unlimited Zone. Premium and special numbers are excluded. ‘Unlimited Text’ refers to text messages sent to Canada and the Continental US only. Terms and conditions apply.”

Grab it here at Mobilicity
(Thanks to everyone who sent this in!)