Health Canada suggests we should “limit the length of cell phone calls”, especially those under 18


  • kardi

    No surprise there! The radiation emitted (which is probably not that much) has to go somewhere during a call. 🙂

  • barry

    some will brush it off, but it’s good to err on the side of caution, especially when there really is no consensus or long term studies on this. quite frankly, I text/email about 99% of the time… rarely actually use voice. come to think of it, i could probably go down to a 50 minute anytime plan and be fine.

  • Zomby

    Those under 18 have nothing to worry about, really. Haven’t seen one of them using their phone to make calls, they’re more keen on texting.

    You could probably sell them a device with no phone function but only a keyboard and screen.

  • Matt

    This radiation stuff is bullshit. Its news for the paranoid.

  • JJ

    Thats why Wind and PM is not good for teenagers . stay away from WIND and PM. now its the time to relook at the expensive so called unlimited plan which we dont use anyway. all you naive people you can started hitting dislike now. Dislike button is right below this comment.

  • Adam

    As a Physicist I will never buy into this “cell phones cause cancer” garbage.

    There has yet to be any scientific proof of this; there is only theories and that is all. I talk on my cell phone for 2-3 hours per day and have done so for the past 15 years and have had not a single issue.

    Cell phones do not cause cancer. Period.

    • Aaron

      If you were really a physicist you would know a single data point from a human witness, that has not been verified by medical data but rather just by their “knowledge” that they are healthy, is useless and does not prove or disprove anything.

      But I guess we can all pretend to be whatever we want on the internet.

  • darylscool

    JJ, so should wily people be thanking robellus for dettering us from using our cells? you’re an i***t

  • TeknoBug

    Not this again. This isn’t 2003 where phones emitted 6-8 SAR at the antenna, nowadays phones has antennas around the body away from the brain and emits roughly 1 SAR. My Desire does 0.96 SAR which is extremely low, it’s actually very rare for someone to get cancer from a cellphone.

    But I do agree, children under 18 should limit it as they are more vulnerable and still growing.

    BTW I can’t remember the last time I actually talked on my cell, I do lots of texting on it, talking is a secondary for me now.

  • Harold

    Buy an iphone 4…. the antenna will ensure your calls will be short.

  • aka

    This study is flawed and outdated, the people under 18 aren’t talking on the cell phones, they’re sending sms, bbm’s, tweeting, and updating their Facebook page, get with the program!