Bell BlackBerry Torch 9860 now launching August 31st, $129.99 on 3-year


  • Omar

    Rest in peace, Jack Layton.

  • Chong Fung

    I am going to buy this tonight!!!!

    Just kidding, the iPhone 4 costs $99 and is light years better, so I will buy that instead!

    • Sean

      Wait for the iphone 5

    • Dimitri

      Have fun buying a phone that you can not customize nor can you even unlock without jailbreaking it ;). With Blackberry you can buy or get free themes & unlock it & do a lot more then a normal iphone. You need to jailbreak it to do all that stuff. Which is not worth it anymore. I want to see Apple for once let the people have want they need. Not control them

      RIP Jack layton.

  • Quiffer

    This is worth it. Think about it. You can buy this phone for $30 more than the iPhone 4 on a three year deal, and you can support the local Canadian company in your backyard or you can support the American Apple corporation who is trying to kill Canada. As Canadians, we need to stand up, show pride, unite, and defend the evil American corporations coming in here and taking control of our industries and tech. My name is Quiffer, and I AM CANADIAN.

    Sent from BlackBerry Pearl Flip 8200

    • Alex Perrier

      Yeah, you support the Canadian company, but the Canadian company doesn’t support you.

      * Open source operating system? RIM says no.
      * Front-facing video camera? RIM says no.
      * Wide selection of devices? RIM says no.
      * BBM works for non-BB users? RIM says no.
      * Affordable smartphones? RIM says no. [1]

      BlackBerry is sandwiched between Apple and Microsoft in terms of device selection. Microsoft is sandwiched between Apple and Android. So okay i’ll be willing to disregard Apple and even Microsoft for the sake of supporting a Canadian business… BUT…

      …on top of being limited to the 9360, 9810, 9860 and the 9900, there’s more issues. No video chat on ANY BB phone whatsoever. Locked down, proprietary OS may be secure, but limits open source opportunities. And $300 is VERY expensive for a basic Curve phone. Let’s not even mention the other latest BlackBerries.

      Let me know when BlackBerry listens to its customers. RIM really needs to improve. And i’m not sure what’s going to happen with that PlayBook, because it doesn’t seem to be very attractive.

      [1] The one and only exception may be the $180 BlackBerry Curve 9300 at Mobilicity, which come with two months of unlimited in-zone talk, text and data. But who pays that much for an obsolete smartphone!?

    • @Alex

      did you post this from work?

    • Alex Perrier

      Hey Thumber-Downers,

      Imagine having a conversation like this one:
      * Person 1: The BlackBerry needs improvement.
      * Person 2: i disagree.
      * Person 1: Why?
      * Person 2: Because.

      Doesn’t sound very convincing, right? So instead of just thumbing down, explain *why* you disagree with my point of view. Thanks.

    • Alex Perrier

      In case someone didn’t realize, what i wrote was basically:

      Android > BlackBerry > [insert other mobile OS here]

      “the Canadian company” refers specifically to RIM in this case. We’re *not* going to talk about eatons, Nortel, Zellers or other compagnies.

    • Zang Chu

      because you look like a h**o in your pic

  • Jack

    Thank you to all of my kind-hearted Canadian friends, especially Dimitri and Omar for your well wishes.

    Its very nice up here, everyone is given a free iPhone 5 when they arrive from the big man.

    Sent from iPhone 5

    • Satan

      Jack was a great man, I wish him eternal happiness up there with his iPhone, he deserves it.

      Down here, in hell, we hand out blackberries to our residents much like as is done on earth by companies to their employees.

      Sent from Blackberry Torch on the Hellish Rogers network

  • Kifer

    Support Jack and use BlackBerry

  • Lia Sonnenburg

    Damn near killed ’em

  • Omar Jr.

    Support this phone and be a man like Jack

  • Gerhardt

    I heard that this phone has the four buttons on the bottom because RIM engineers couldn’t get the screen to have tactile press feel on the bottom – thus they went with a horrible four button plastic design.

  • Mr Fart

    If 15 people dislike this post I will quit my job.

    • Mr Fart

      Well I guess I have to resign from my job now. This means all you sorry losers have to pay for my welfare cheques! And I will use my welfare cheque to buy an iPhone

  • Heather

    how many of you are posting on here because you are bored of your day job

  • YippieYu

    why are there so many negative thumbs down on here – people are really hatin’ today!

  • John Rice

    Whoever wrote the post by Satan is hilarious!

    I need to find some deoderant

    • Fickle Pickle

      what do you mean whom wrote it? Satan wrote it!

  • Clapper

    I don’t understand why everyone is wishing Jack Layton well? What is going on? The man is an NDP leader. Why all of a sudden such major love?

    • Dimitri

      He died this morning from cancer he was fighting.

  • Plankton

    RIP Jack Layton.

    This is a lesson learned for using an iPhone 4 and their antenna issues. The iPhone 4 led to Jack’s death since it gave him radiation cancer.

    Please use BlackBerry.

  • Rj

    You do know you should have said “was an NPD leader”? He passed away.

  • Christos

    I’ve been a blackberry user since 2008 and I can say that I am fed up. With new smartphones and OS’es out there offering so much more I am done with Blackberry. This is a marginal smartphone and if it came out on any other os it would be regarded as a mid market. It doesn’t outperform any of it’s peers in any meaningful way. If Blackberry is to become a leader it has to do this.

  • Afif

    Why couldn’t God take Justin Bieber or Steve Jobs instead? Why Jack Layton?!

  • Mr Brief

    Help me choose a good phone

    BB Tour or BB Flip

  • paul

    Very disappointed that the Torch 9850/9860 I saw this weekend at Sprint was 3G rather than 4G as posted on many now erroneous comments. Other than that looks like a slick smartphone. Also not available at ATT as suggested and Verizon is totally radio silent.

  • Mobilicity FTW

    The Bold 9900 is better.