Apple opening Waterloo retail store August 13th (“Apple Store Conestoga”)


  • Ahmed Eltawil

    Ouch. That’s another nail in RIM’s coffin.

  • Anonymous

    This is definitely a move against RIM, the mall has such little traffic/volume that apple can’t possibly justify putting a retail location in the mall, considering they have locations in only high traffic shopping malls :/

    • SM

      Waterloo is full of rich asian kids, and 90% of those kids are Apple fans.
      We no longer have to go to Toronto to get our phone/laptop issues resolved!

    • Anonymous

      I guess that is true, they’re a bit easier to deal with for that than the futureshop down the street 😛

    • Zach

      Obviously you’ve never even been to the mall…

    • Matt

      Have you ever actually been there? After the recent renovations, this mall is beautiful, and would be considered high traffic.

      Have you seen some of the locations in the states? A lot of them are in malls much worse than Conestoga.

  • EH

    I fail to see the relevance of anything… It’s just another apple store opening, big deal. It’s not like it’s competing with “Blackberry Stores”, or like you can’t buy any of the stuff from Best buy or Futureshop.

  • yha


  • askldgjas

    i hate how ignorant apple is…
    most innovative phone?

    galaxy s2:
    s-amoled PLUS screen
    thinnest phone
    touchwiz 4.0
    back cover (extremely malleable)

    iphone 4:
    … … …

    • Market Mayhem

      Galaxy S2=cheap, plastic Android junk, built for cheapsters and iHaters. The iPhone 5 will easily outsell the Galaxy S2 about 10:1 and Apple will make billions in revenue as people line up around the block for days waiting to get their hands on a single iPhone 5.

      The sooner Oracle sues the crap out of Android, the better. That IP thieving Google is going to go down hard for ripping-off every company’s IP for its own use.

    • Matt

      You forgot to mention how the Samsung Galaxy S II only has a 800×480 resolution on a 4.3″ display. I’ve played with one, is isn’t pretty.

  • Alex Perrier

    BlackBerry doesn’t even have a store in their own country! 🙁

  • jr67

    This will drive tons of traffic into that mall. Apple stores have about the highest level of traffic and sales per sq foot of any retailer.

    It actually makes sense for a number of reasons for Apple to locate here. I think planting a flag in RIM country is one of the main reasons, but there are others. Waterloo has amongst the highest per capita income in the country, we are one of the fastest growing communities in the country, we have two universities just down the road from this mall with tens of thousands of students with cash to spend and the mall has undergone extensive renovations recently and has moved much more upscale. While TO would obviously still have room for more Apple stores, people don’t want to drive an hour just to visit an Apple store, but they do want to visit an Apple store. Macs have always had a strong presence on the UW campus, but it seems they are the most common laptop on campus these days, so all those kids will have somewhere close now. The only downside is that Canadian Apple retailers, like Carbon Computing, will basically be forced out of business. We’ve only ever had a single Apple dedicated retailer in the region (First Avenue years ago and Carbon when First Ave closed), so it’s a shame a store that has helped Apple in the region will be hurt.

  • jaiden

    Not a big deal considering they already have a store in Kitchener @ Victoria and King (literally 10 mins down the street). I guess it just catches readers’ attention to say apple is moving in on RIM’s turf moreso than apple is opening a store in the local mall O_o

    • TokyoKiller

      You can’t be serious right? That’s not an Apple Store, that’s an authorized Apple Reseller and Service Provider.

      If you’ve been to an Apple Store you’d understand what the difference is, clearly you do not.

  • FFKilla

    What’s this boost traffic, Conestoga gets pretty busy on its own.

  • jr67

    jaiden, that is not an Apple store in Kitchener. That is Carbon Computers, who happen to an authorized Apple retailer (i.e. not owned by Apple).

  • mark

    lol, they can open stores as many as they like, i don’t really give a s**t…, i’m still buying a blackberry present and future…, support local for sustainable economy, thanks apple for opening a store in waterloo, but no thanks, i’m buying local.

    • TokyoKiller

      Sure, keep buying the same recycled phone from 2008.

    • scott

      uhh… whats local about a phone manufactured in china?

  • jr67

    @FFKilla: pretty busy now, but it will be very busy once this store opens. When the iPhone 5 launches (or really any major product launch) it is going to be completely nuts for days.

  • Ryan M

    Just what a mall with over 10% of its stores already being mobile stores needs. And real nice of apple to put the small guys (Carbon) out of business.

  • Ron

    @SM Ehhh I dunno about that. They’re not all rich Asian kids. And I’ve seen my fair share of Androids in Waterloo… Just think about it. Known for Engineering and Math –> Nerdy/Dorky/Geeky kids –> Android phone. No?

  • scott

    I’m pretty sure Apple chooses store locations where they know they will continue to make the higher per sq. ft. retail sales. Has nothing to do with RIM being here, other than coincidence, and the fact that RIM supports a high tech center here, that results in a high tech community that means higher incomes and more young people. All that probably means more smartphone and tech sales all around!

  • dickey

    What a slap in the face to RIM!!!

    RIm is already down for the count and Apple is just embarassing them now!