Rogers opens up HTC EVO 3D and LG Optimus 3D pre-order to all, possibly launching August 16th


  • TomatoGuy

    This phone will be pain to carry around, weighting 171 grams. Galaxy S II is only 116 grams, huge difference. 3D features are just a gimmick too.

    • GLim

      If people who complain “3D is just a gimmick” took the time to actually look past that and see the other aspects of the phone, you will notice that it has respectable specs. It may not be able to go head to head with the SGSII but looking at both phones, you will see that they each have their own pros and cons.

    • KingKuba

      Yeah that’s so heave you might not even be able to lift it….a good watch weighs more than that.

      Light Weight = Cheap

  • Adam

    Of course they limit you to those terrible plans. And just like the SGS, they won’t let you pre-order with a retentions plan.

  • Lexcyn

    I haven’t checked price plans in a while at Rogers but those monthly prices are absolutely ridiculous.

    • Adam

      They’re standard new customer price points, but they’re still brutal.


      = $70
      They drop it to $52 and call it a “deal”

      My plan, $55, 200mins, early evenings, 6GB data, 1000LD mins, unlim. Rogers->Rogers, callID, Voicemail, 2500 SMS/MMS.

      Basically everything I need. Rogers CAN have quite good plans, you just have to work for them unfortunately.

  • Derrick Lang

    I don’t understand how they can justify charging the same price for an Infuse. Rogers baffles me.

  • foxbox

    Note: I do like the fact that they are including the $2.35 charge in their cited prices as signaled.

    Rogers was offering an okay $55 (or should I say $57.35?)Android plan last week, wonder if a clerk in-store can accomodate reservations?

    I want this phone opening day and, frankly, $149.00 is quite reasonable for a Canadian release. But those rates (add $12 for CIDVM)are out of control.

  • cjoco

    This is ridiculous, this is a jock, the big 3 ( Rogers, Bell and Telus) continue to steel Canadian costumers, no place in the world they have 3 year contract I think and the insult is: you have to pay 150.00$ to have a phone even if you sign for 3 years… the phone should be free in this case
    Terrible and horrible plan and device, probably for new customers, bat please tell me, I do not understand how Rogers can get new costumers with theses insane plan
    You have to fight with Rogers and if you’re not satisfy with the first customer services representative (wish is almost the case, sorry guys I don’t want to miss respect bat this is the reality) ask or require for a supervisor or higher level, the 1st line of customer service have no authority to do Nothing, Rien, Nada, Niet, so if you want to have a better result go to the 2nd customer service level and if you get the third level is better trust me
    I am with Rogers : 500min/6 GB data / free incoming call all time/ free Rogers to Rogers/free after 6:00PM/ call ID/ evaluated voice mail / unlimited IN and OUT : txt message, video and MMS and other thing coming usually with plan: call transfer, conference etc. ….for a big 78.00$/month. Also I have no contract because roger have (until date) a crap device to give you so I always buy unlocked phone. Actually I have an HTC Tilt from AT&T cost me about 220. $ I flash an XDA Developers custom rom and is running very good bat start to be old and well used
    Now Rogers and HTC make Peace and start to work together, I hope we go to have better devices why not the HTC Sensation 

    • Adam

      steel eh?

      Why the hell would you buy a phone outright AND pay $78/month for services. It makes no sense. I have the exact same features as you, with only 200 mins plus 1000 LD minutes, and I only pay $55.

      Plus, If you didn’t notice, Rogers and HTC did make peace. They’re coming out with the HTC Evo 3D, and they’ll be releasing a new HTC LTE device soon as well.

      Talk about someone who doesn’t know what they’re talking about.

  • cjoco

    Hi Adam, could you please read properly:
    I writ: Now Rogers and HTC make Peace and start to work together, so I know the scoop
    Please Adam before bitching people in this forum please please please read carefully (regarding the peace of Rogers Vs htc) and inform yourself about the actual cost of the same Rogers’s services and deals
    Regarding my deal … I am paying 78.31$ TAXES IN wish is 68.75 + GST & PST
    And please go to the Rogers web site and start to assemble this deal you became to over 109.00$ before sales taxes wish made here in Quebec 124.17$. For example you have to pay: Rogers to Rogers = 10.00$, Unlimited incoming =10.00 if they steel offer this etc.
    Also if I am buying unlocked phone because Rogers offer you a scrap phone
    You said: Talk about someone who doesn’t know what they’re talking about
    Oupss I should say: talking about someone did not know reading English

    • andy c

      my eyes are burning after reading that….

    • GLim

      You said: talking about someone did not know reading English.
      I say: talk about someone who can’t type English.

      You cannot blame someone for not being able to read English when you yourself, who wrote the ORIGINAL message, cannot write in English. When you switch between tense and misspell words, misconceptions will be made, but you can’t blame him for it, the blame is on you.

    • Adam

      You obviously miss the entire point of my post. I did not get my plan online, I negotiated it. $55 gets me pretty much anything I’ll ever need. You pay $78, AND buy your phone outright. Talk about idiotic.

      The only reason to buy a phone outright is to secure a cheap plan off-contract, which you have not done, or to get a phone your carrier does not offer.

  • Oupss

    “Oupss I should say: talking about someone did not know reading English”

    Hahahaha gonna go viral…give it time!!! its like the best line since “All your base are belong to us”

  • cjoco

    Thank you for your comment
    I think that for a French Canadian guy like me, trying to express himself in English in this forum is a god effort, so please.
    Perhaps that this forum is reserved for English people only!!!!
    Probably for the future I should put in the end of my message: sorry for my poor English… what you think !

    • Adam

      If you can’t speak English well, then why are you criticizing people who can’t read your awful posts?

  • dik

    If your 1st language is French then just type in your comments in French, then the rest of us master English speakers can use the Google Translate App.

  • Derrick Lang

    Generally speaking, if you aren’t on a retentions plan, you’re getting milked by whichever provider you’re with. If you’ve been with a company for the entire duration of one or more 3-yr contracts and still paying ridiculous monthly prices, I suggest giving customer relations a call and working out a better deal with them*. All it takes is a little bit of effort on your part to save hundreds of dollars over time.

    *Works best if you are not currently on contract, but I’ve had friends succeed at getting monthly discounts while in mid-contract.

  • MARS

    The small 2 customers are just upset that the best phone they have is the Nexxus S and when AT&T/T-Mobile pulls the plug on the AWS next year the only manufacturer to make AWS phones will be huawei!!!

    My cousin went to a the Wind booth in Burlington Mall yesterday to pay a bill, and it took the kid at the booth 15 min for his system to come up!! Then he tells me it’s because the 3G Wind stick in the laptop can’t get a good signal in the mall!!! How embarrassing!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Bri

    Not interested in getting a 3D phones… Just hopping that Rogers would get Nexus 3 asap when it is released.