Bell HTC Sensation 4G gets first OTA update, performance and GPS improvements in tow


  • htcguy

    Not much of an improvement.

  • Frank

    Sense seems much more stable. No random reloads, or sluggish sense. Hope it stays that way! Love the phone its just sexy!!

  • Panzerpug

    Just did mine. Nothing mind blowingly obvious yet though it did load up all of SD resident icons on the reboot. Usually I have to reskin the UI to get it to load them. Hopefully that bug is fixed. Nice to see fixes coming quickly from HTC and I’m still very happy with my purchase.

  • Tony

    If I buy the Sensation phone through say Expansys or Newegg
    which doesn’t have the Bell bloatware on it, would the
    Sensation phone pick up this OTA update also?

  • Brian

    Only Bell branded units will grab this OTA…

    • Jeff Goebel

      US versions of the phone may not even be the Bell network… Theyér T-Mobile (Wind/Mobilicity). I bought my Bell version (unlocked to Telus) in Toronto for $495 unlocked… can’t beat that.

  • Nick

    FYI.. VirginMobile version also got the same update..

  • Jeff Goebel

    Unlocked my nw Sensation yesterday and the OTA update happened this morning so I didn’t know it was special, I just thought it was part of my new phone. I don’t have anything to compare it to.

    I am sad they took features away. I can’t delete all mail anymore… Otherwise, I’m pretty happy. Now if they’ll update the APPS that don’t work in the new hi-res screen this will be a great phone.

  • Bobby

    When will we get the OTA for the Incredible S dammit… 😉

  • Brian

    Did Kernel update fix a bit of tinnyness in the audio?

  • EmperumanV

    Hmm just picked up my Sensation 4G today, shall update it first before tweaking the settings to my liking.

  • reaperofwaywardsouls

    If you have a Bell Sensation but have it unlocked for use on another carrier, will it still receive this OTA?

  • Nika

    This is getting out of hand now, people have been waiting an OTA for the incredible S for months just to get an 2.3 update, but as soon as the sensation comes out an OTA already. I understand the sensation is the new phone for Bell and Virgin, but be fair to the other people with the incredible S and other htc phones that have been waiting for a simple update now. If Bell could get an update for the sesation so quick it just shows that they could have put the same interest for the update for the incredible s and other htc phones as well.