Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 pre-order available at $499.99, estimated launch date is July 22nd


  • Chuck

    die. apple 😉

  • MARS

    Not a bad price. I’m buyin one for sure!! Wonder if there is a 3G version??

  • You see me throlling

    Where are the ThrollApple Fans ?
    I like my honeycomb tablet, mostly because I can watch porn on it while walking.

    • Alpha

      Make sure your zipper is up.

  • Jerry

    Awesome news, hopefully my SG2 arrives around then too.

  • EmperumanV

    Nice. Can’t wait. Not a pad price point too. iPad 2/Apple watch out.

  • caplin

    Isn’t the transformer 100 bucks cheaper?

    • bummy

      100$ for prettier design, and a “Hey Apple, my tablet is thinner”

  • ey

    White only? I want the grey one!!!!

  • David Dee

    One month after the US launch date? Still can’t understand why we always have to wait. Doesn’t help Canadian retailers situated close to the border. Probably will pick mine up in Buffalo this weekend as one month wait is too long…

  • Jesse

    One month late and one month out of date.

    • Jester

      To the people who dislike my comment, it is out of date. If Samsung wants to push the envelope they should have released it with Tegra 3. I don’t care if it would have cost $200 more, at least it would have made up for the delay and the months behind the iPad 2.

      As much as I like Android products, some reason the manufactures are taking RIM approach make people wait for old tech, when they should be releasing stuff that is a year ahead of its time. Have Apple play catch-up for once.

  • sean

    @caplin: yup the transformer is cheaper and has micro sd card slots and hdmi the only down is its slightly heavier and larger but not by much its not like its 50 vs 60 pounds

  • Dan J

    Preordered mine. Now just need to get rid of my ipad!

    • Dan J

      Haha, sold my ipad 1st gen 16GB + wifi tonight for $340. Apparentely they are impossible to find? Meh.. lucky for me I guess. Now I play the waiting game 🙁

  • Dread

    I am puzzled. waiting for a tablet to replace my laptop. I need to do much more search.