Microsoft VP takes a quick jab at the new iPhone volume/camera button feature


  • Cody

    Great feature for Android to pick up. Should have been done LONG ago.

    • anon

      Not including the phones that ship with the camera button already, Android already has the ability to modify the camera app and map the camera button to any key. Like the Galaxy S i9000, open the camera app and hit the power button, picture taken.

    • Gab

      widget lockscreen lets you put any widget or button on your lockscreen.

      Cynogen mod lets you have any swiping gesture on your lockscreen start any application or shortcut(bookmarks, playlists etc).

      IF you meant photo editing, I dunno. Never looked.

  • chall2k5

    naah Jim will be next claiming realtime secure IM has been around for years

  • skullan

    Did you know that Apple included an LCD screen in their iPhone? That’s right! Now, you can actually see Moving Pictures ™ on your pocket communicator. Brought to you by Apple.

  • TheTigerTek

    During the iPad 2 event Steve Jobs showed a slide that said “2011: Year of the Copycats”? I guess he was talking about himself.

  • Jeff

    Best part about android? Although this is a Apple idea i’m just about to finish an app for android that does the same thing. Thanks Apple!

  • Visionov

    – Top pop-up notification (Since October WP7)
    – Split keyboard (Windows 8)
    – Built-In Twitter integrated (Mango update)
    – Wireless Sync (Zune 2006)
    – Dedicated Camera Button (Since October WP7) < – Volume button = improvised last minute.

  • skullan


    It took Apple until their 4th phone and 2010 to get multitasking enabled. It will take Microsoft their first OS and 2011 to have it on their OS. Multitasking will be enabled with their Mango update, which is in the Fall.

    3 years and 4 phones versus 1 year and an update to existing phones. I’d say Microsoft is the faster and more customer friendly of the two.

  • Jeff

    lol if you think iOS counts as multitasking

  • nomail

    Stop hating on Apple’s marketing – Here’s the difference and why apple is so successful at marketing features that already exist on other devices…. BECAUSE THEY MARKET IT! Did MS have a press conference touting a dedicated camera button on device x? The reason the whole apple control box works is because people know that if they get an iPhone, they get a standard piece of equipment. They don’t have to worry about which devices have what buttons and which one is curved and if HTC is better than Sony Er.

    • andy c

      MS did have a press conference touting the specs on there phones. One of the hardware requirements was dedicated camera button, along with the 1ghz cpu, standardized buttons etc.

  • Thai

    In 5 years Apple will allow external storage and then all the apple fanboys will be blown away at the new feature.

  • Me Ted

    Great updates Apple. Your competition should be flattered after the compliment you paid them. You know…borrowing their notification functionality and all. Actually, your app developers should be even more flattered. You completely ripped them off! Well done. Innovation? Nah we’ll leave that to Google and MS.

  • TNSF

    Shipping…. but not selling!!

  • Ivan

    My K750i from 2005 had this feature (dedicated camera button and launch while locked if shutter opened or camera button pressed).

  • Erik Martino

    No need to encourage the “not invented here syndrome”. Hopefully smartphone os’es user experience will converge so that it is easy to switch brands.