Contest: Win a Sony Ericsson Xperia arc!


  • Ewen Cameron

    Now this is a smart phone I coulden’t live without please pick me!!! Android my fav.

  • Pablo

    I love MobileSyrup.

  • dave

    heres my post, i WANNA WIN ONE lol, its a sick phone and i would use every aspect of it

  • Cadet

    sometimes i wonder how mobilesyurpe pick their winner =/

  • Andy C

    Awesome I want one!

  • Karano Matthews

    wow sweeeeeeeeet ..

    my name is on that ..

    tehe . 😀

  • chambo622

    Awesome opportunity!

    I seriuosly think this is one of the most under-rated devices on the market. It has a fabulous screen, great specs, and (so far) quick updates.

  • V L

    Beautiful phone.

  • samsunggravity

    Dont like Sony phones. But this is an exception

  • David Evans

    Only good thing going for Sony right now.

  • Big 3

    what are the odds?

  • oscar


  • Jeff

    Looks very nice. I’d love to win it!

  • Rhys

    I want to win because my birthday is the next day…would be a nice birthday present…probably the best one ever

  • Clint

    I bet you that Mobilesyrup just gives these contest phones to their friends or something. and FYI mobilesyrup 8.7mm its 8.7mm thick .

  • Clint

    mobilesyrup you need to do spell check before you post onto a public website.

  • chris

    pick me

  • chris

    pick me please i would love to have this device 😉

  • Adam F

    do want!

  • stephan

    I want this phone. Enough said

  • Samuel Maskell

    tried one of these out a google i/o. it was pretty nice. Not much of an upgrade from my N1, but I’ll certainly take it.

  • Penelope

    Man oh man, would I ever love to win this beauty.

  • julia

    I would love to have one…:)

  • Julian

    I want to win this badly.

  • curtis

    ill take one

  • Brendan McMillen

    I love the arc and am in need of a new phone =(

  • Adam Bridge

    I would love to win this! thanks!

  • Judy C Craig

    This sounds like an awsome device. I would really like one.

  • Chris


  • Joel palis

    I Have never been able to get a phone like this before I would appreciate it alot if I could win this, thanks

  • how to win?

    how do you enter this kind of contest?

    I already following mobile syrup on twitter.

    that’s all?

    any winners in pass?

  • Criminalogic ®

    Im in….

  • MobileMonkey


  • Andy

    thank you mobilesyrup for always giving away all of these amazing gadgets !

  • Luqman

    I want one so bad! Hook me up Mobilesyrup! 😀

  • Jamie G.

    Yes Please!

  • Mauricio

    Pick me… Pick me… 🙂
    I’d love to try out an Android device.

  • Anish

    lemme win for my birthday on June 8 ):

  • Lawrence

    Incredible phone. I would love to win it.

  • Nicholas

    I really would be so happy to get one :)!

  • Darryn Smith

    Hope it’s a little more secure than Sony’s PSN. 😉 I’d like to play with it anyhow.. the geek inside demands attention.

  • Nathan

    Yes please, Thank you come again.

  • mike

    What a smart looking phone.
    Sure could use this cool device.

  • Daniel

    I probably wont win anything, but ill still give this a shot?

  • cmdrkeen01

    This would be a great upgrade from my SE T303a. Seriously, my phone is horrible, I’m just glad I’m on a 2-year contract which is over in ~3.5 months.

  • Emil Fernandes

    Sony and thin…sexy:) Thanks MS!

  • Shirley

    this is beautiful <3

  • Kelly

    NICE! Thanks MobileSyrup!

  • Skantha

    why not me this time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Rose

    looks like a nice phone, I would like one!

  • Mark

    Arc, the herald Sony Sings!!

  • JustinCredible

    Oh PLEASE…let me win this and I’ll get down on my knees and lick your a*s…I so want this.

  • sean

    i want

  • Jimmy

    what’s up?

  • peterH


  • Garnet L

    I could use one of these for sure!

  • Marc-André Desjardins

    I want it now!

  • DumbScreenName

    Pretty please?!

  • lukeiphone

    i wanna win this please

  • Rick

    Love it!

  • JaYK

    Read people, read. There are two ways to enter this contest – follow/like on Twitter/Facebook, AND start/join a conversation in the MS Forum. This news post is NOT the forum. Either click on the supplied link in the article or click on the ‘Forums’ link on the top of the page.

    To reiterate – replying to this news post will NOT get you entered into the contest. Holy crap…

  • Justin E


  • bjtheone

    So pretty…. would make my wife happy andstopherfrom borrowing my streak.

  • Canadaboy

    been posting on mobilesyrup and loving it!

  • Henry

    Is everyoe eligible or Canadian residents only?

  • Andre Lavoie

    Is a very good product

  • Munir

    What a nice handset…. Wish I could have one…. 🙂

  • Sunny

    I would really like to win one.

  • Nicolas Helal

    I just broke I phone I want one!

  • Yanniboy3000

    I want to try android and this would be the perfect phone to try it on.

  • Tibor Szekszardi

    pick me

  • James

    Thanks for the review. I am looking forward to getting one of these.

  • Jacqueline

    LOve to win it

  • michael

    why can’t we all win something ?

  • Mohammed Moyeen

    cool site…

  • M.J.

    Wow I would love a new phone. Congrats to whoever wins!!

  • Kimberlee

    Wow that would be so awesome…….I never win anything…….I love SONY:) LOL

  • Vikki

    This phone is awesome would love to have this!

  • Alexander

    I’ll take that off your hands. 🙂

  • Craig Hinchey

    My teenage daughter Kate who is sixteen is in nssd of a new state of the art phone. Being a staunch supporter of Sony products I’ve been recommending this phone to her. Hope we win!! Would make a great grading present!

  • Tibor Szekszardi

    is there one for me?

  • Carole Dube

    Very nice phone.

  • Jonathan B.

    I really really need and want this D:

  • Darci L Paice-Bailey

    It’s a gorgeous phone and I would love to have one!

  • micky

    XPERts in IndiA always use the best Phone available.

  • Sébastien Grenier

    I’ve try this phone and is one, if not the best Android phone I’ve seen.

    I need to win this time!

  • Akshar H Dave

    need dis phone very very badly…

  • Geek

    wanna one too..

  • Lucky Jhund

    It can be a late birthday gift 😉

  • Teamcritical

    I’ve had an iPhone, HTC Desire Z, LG Optimus Quantum, Palm Pre, Samsung Omnia and a Samsung Reclaim. I don’t have this one… could be fun. Please give me one.

  • Bidyut Deb

    I want one…

  • Marc-André Desjardins

    Looks great! 🙂

  • nat

    this would be sweet as my phone just died and i dont have the means to buy a new one 🙁

  • Jacquie Hess

    Fab phone!

  • Adomas

    I am saving money for this phone!!!! , but then I saw this sony ericcson competition , I was very luck and now I want to win this coooool phone!!!!!!!!!!!! 🙂

  • Adomas

    Wo Wo Wo!!! What I see? 😀 Sony ericcson competition? Now I am saving money for this phone , but I can win it , good luck for all !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Marcel Boudreau

    Nice prize!

  • daniyal mushahid

    sony erricson is best mobile company and i m really excited to win this cell

    please vote me

  • Alex DC

    Good luck everybody, especially me! lol

  • Jason

    This sounds as if it would be a great phone.

  • dal

    Great designed phone

  • Nina bergeron

    I would love to win this phone!

  • Michelle S

    I would love to win this for my Husband (Father’s Day and his Birthday are this month) He would looooove this and would be surprised so much.

  • Jessica

    I’d love to win the Sony Ericsson Xperia arc. Great contest.

  • 1ace

    amazing yes please!!!

  • Lisa

    Ohhhhhh please please please!?!

  • Raymond Carpentier

    If we can call et answer with this phone, I’m in !

  • MobileRetweet

    I want an Arccccccccc. The UI animations are so neat.

  • Andrew

    For the Win!

  • Bob

    If I get one, Sony won’t be my Arc-h enemy anymore!

  • 0defaced

    i’ll gladly take it to replace my wife’s *shudder* iphone 3gs….

  • isam

    i would love to have one since i need an upgrad from my acer liquid

  • Shervin

    May I haz arc plox?

  • Tobias

    would love to with this for my wife!

  • MarcusJ

    Thanks for bringing these contests! Not to mention all the great news and updates on the mobile life in Canada. very nice!

  • 0defaced

    i need to replace my wifes Iphone… me rid my house of the evil that is Ios…

  • Kieuanh

    The ARC is sooo nice! Thank you in advance Mobile Syrup!

  • Cat

    MY phone 🙂

  • Eric Detarjany

    I am using an Iphone right now and have druled at the new Android phones and would love to have this new Xperia phone.

  • larry

    great phone awesome bravia engine

  • Ed

    Sony is looking to become a competitve player in the Android phone market.

  • Jeremy P

    What a great prize!

  • Christena

    I think I’m about the only one in my family without a smartphone ….it’s time to move on up!

  • Dave

    Well I’ve tried a Blackberry and an iPhone now its time for a Sony Android phone.

  • Natalie

    It would be nice to get a new phone to replace my old dumbphone!



  • tanumoy upadhaya

    i need this badly 4 my work.i want it badly.pls select me.plsssssssssssss

  • Dario

    The phone is nice, the screen has very good resolution but the screen break so easily and it is to expense to repair

  • Amit

    i want it badly

  • jay

    mujhe de do plz.. 🙁

  • LarryDarren

    Would appreciate winning this.

  • Frank

    great phone

  • Lois

    sweet,sure could use it

  • jenny hebert

    love this prize

  • zeke

    Liked the look ,I began u ,I really want to win something

  • Pradip Santra

    This phone looking good but i think it working sooooooooo good.
    I like this brand soo much, and always use Sony Ericsson mobile. i want it.