Mobilicity: 41% of Calgarians say there’s no network differences between them and Rogers, Bell, TELUS


  • SP


    spell check?

  • Bill

    I don’t know if they really want to brag that over half say that the network quality isn’t as good. Not something I’d be boasting about.

    • RichieRich

      @Bill… Read the article. Its clearly states that 41% “couldn’t tell the difference.” It doesnt say that the other 59% said it isnt as good. For all we know out of that 59%, 20% thought it was better, hence TELLING a difference.

    • RichieRich

      Yes please fix the article. Inadvertently you are bashing Mobilicity by making this article more confusing.

      Simple chart to make people understand better.

      1000 people polled
      410 people couldnt tell a difference(means equal quality to the big 3)
      590 people COULD tell a difference(means they could SIMPLY tell a difference between them)

      OUT of those 590 people who COULD tell a difference 78%(460 people)Liked it better.

      There that should sum it up for all of ya!!

  • DarkCanuck

    Interesting concept. I’ve got an unlocked phone and while I don’t suspect call quality would vary much I really wish I could have a two or three day trial with different carriers to see who has the best 3G reception in the areas that I frequent. I’m currently with Bell and I often find my 3G functions crap out in certain spots.

    • MuffTuff

      I agree 100%, most of the time Bell+Telus have exactly the same coverage as I believe they share tower space, but being able to compare Mobilcity vs Wind vs Big Three etc. would be an awesome idea, someone get this man (or woman) to the CRTC!

  • rob

    so 60% noticed a difference? way to advertise for eveyone else geniuses…

  • monsterduc1000

    How is the call quality everywhere else though? Like in Red Deer, Lethbridge, Medicine Hat, Fort Mac…Calgary is a big city and a big portion of the Albertan market, but it serves absolutely no purpose to me as I don’t live there.

  • DJM

    Come to MTL.

  • Zomby

    78% of the people who couldn’t tell the difference between carriers preferred the call made on Mobilicity??? WTF?

    • davidA

      Your comment says a lot about the average ‘Moblicity’ user 🙂

  • Loogie

    I’m guessing theyre using boosters too… Like they do at dealers in malls…

  • LifeInAnalog

    Big +1 to Zomby. Someone got that stat mixed up, because that makes zero sense

  • Alex Perrier


    Precisely. This article was written too quickly. They also misspelled “coke” at first.

    They said “Which also means that 59% could tell the difference. However, of those 41%”. i think they mean “of these 59%”.

  • Terry

    I’d like to know what the other 59% thought.
    The question is. Did you notice a difference. So if 59% said yes. WHAT was the difference?

    How many of that 59% thought Mobi was actually BETTER, and how many thought it was worse?

    All this shows is that the big 3s marketing push to get consumers to think their buying quality with the extra costs, means absolutely nothing…which I REALLY hope everyone knew already.

  • Les

    Last time I checked, 41% meant you failed. Huh? Guess they changed that in Calgary

    • MK

      Wow, are the people leaving the comments just trying to level us or are they really that retarded?

      41% of the people noticed no difference. Of the 59% that did notice a difference, 78% preferred Mobilicity.

      78% of 59% = 46%
      46% + 41% = 87%


      No wonder some of you are still signing 3 year contracts at $100/month.

  • Les

    Hey anonymous, obviously they’re not going to promote a failing stat which is why they shouldve advertised the positive number. And obviously they’re going to hold that poll where their reception is strongest. They should take them and the big 3 and go to a weak signal area and see who’s better then.

  • rob

    If they showed the same test all over calgary, or hey, how about outside of calgary, oh wait. no network there.

    • t

      Mobilicity customer simply roam on Rogers’ network when they are outside Calgary.

      As for those who are on the big 3, they just pay LD and roaming charge outside Calgary.

  • littlebabywawa

    All this means is that 99% of Wind Subs are running scared trying to put Mobi down and when it’s convenient for their interests they try to mesh the two companies claiming we’re fighting for the same cause which is a joke,in short after only a year in business if Mobi has such a high approval rate in this poll in comparison with the Big Three it definitely shows they are improving and beating Wind’s a*s in performance.Not like Wind claiming to be the fastest growing provider while still getting dropped calls/humming/poor reception/etc and maybe mobilesyrup should stop pushing one brand over the other.Wind is a pathetic and actually Fanboys are doing the more damage against their own provider than anyone else and it’s good to see just regular people joining Mobi without getting involved in the Wind Cult.All the lies are coming back to haunt Windies and luckily most who try Wind to leave will never go back.

    Go Mobi!

  • James_8970

    This entire article should be revised, its really confusing. No one would publish statistics like that as they put the company in a negative light. If a marketing department did publish statistics in that fashion they should be fired. The article should read 46% of users prefer the network and 41% cannot tell a difference between the carriers.
    “preferred the call made on the Mobilicity device”.
    I also don’t like this phrasing and I think Mobilicity is to blame as its in quotes. It should read ‘Mobilicity network’, otherwise its giving the perception that people liked the mobilicity phone more (assuming they were using two different phones for the test). I’m kinda nitpicking here though.

  • FailBot

    I found it funny to see the screenshots on their facebook page which show the booth going from 60% can’t tell, down to 55%, down to 50%, and finally ending at 41%. Maybe the statistics are being hyped wrong (as other have mentioned in these comments), but what a TERRIBLE way of hyping it. Here’s a real question: Which network are they using as the comparison!? Does anyone know? Rogers? Telus? Bell? Wind? Do they even advertise that? I bet they don’t. You can pair all the big 3 together (well, you kinda can with Bellus). Even their flanker brands don’t use the same reception sometimes, ie. Rogers vs. Chatter.

    Don’t pull one over us, whoever designed this booth either purposely designed it in a flawed subjective way, or needs to take a scientific survey course so that GOOD and HONEST data can be acquired.

  • R

    I don’t believe that a flat place is the best to test reception. Try somewhere with taller buildings, or mountains in the way, maybe inside a cement building.
    Not in the middle of the mall that’s on flat terrain for hundreds of miles in either direction. Seems a bit biased if you ask me.

  • Apollo

    This is the stupest thing I have ever seen. Only Mobilicity would state that 60% of people thing their network is garbage. They will be out of business soon.

  • Frank

    I’ve used every single company over the span of two years (Rogers, Fido, Chatr, Bell, Solo, Virgin, Telus, Koodo, Wind, and Mobilicity. I’ve got to say Wind was the worst out of all of them, I didn’t like Rogers call quality, which included Fido and Chatr. And I find Rogers has slow data. Bell was fine, data was fine. Virgin had some issues of data being slow and problems with text delays. Solo was fine, Telus call quality was pretty good, and data was pretty good, but also had text and email delays. Koodo was pretty good, data pretty good, had no issues. Wind call quality utterly is garbage has a duplex sound, calls drop often, data is pretty fast though was impressed with this, not much problems other than that. if Wind fixes their call quality they’d be an awesome company. Mobilicity which I’m testing out right now, call quality I got to say is the best I’ve ever experienced out of all companies, no drop calls at all, data I find is tiny bit slow, but is tolerable. had no other issues the service has been great.

  • aka

    It’s great marketing, the test is in a controlled environment. Using similar hardware, assuming signal quality is solid, most people probably can’t tell a difference in the noisy mall environment.

    For the people that could tell the difference, you kinda wonder what their own phone sounds like, handset quality makes a difference to call quality also.

    This test does not test the other important aspect, and that’s coverage.

  • vlad mihaelscu

    41% of canadians are wind/mobilicity trolls

  • truth

    A stationary network comparison? haha, what a joke. Try taking that mobilicity phone for a drive down the street and see how the coverage is? Gaps in downtown, and take it to the suburbs and they have no network at all. Mobilicity is good for replacing a home phone if your house is in a good spot, but the network is lousy for mobile coverage, period.