Confirmed: Rogers launching Xperia Play and arc on April 28th


  • asdgasd

    looks great but just not my kind of thing…


    LAUNCH PARTY???? Where is that taking place??

  • Prenz T.

    I had an invitation but I’m not 18 yet(almost!)

    So,April 28 it is.

    Can’t wait to pick up the Play.

  • Cadet

    i guess they will not put it on fido… sigh… -____-

  • Johnmack

    Was there at the launch party.. Looked out for Ian but didn’t know what he looked like. Tries to hear your voice but it was too loud. There’s always next time to unmask the man behind

  • Marx

    Would anyone rather have the Atrix or Desire HD?

  • Charles-A.

    If anybody ever make a video with my phone you know what I’ll do? CLEAN THE SCREEN! Seriously!

    But can’t wait to hold one of these! 🙂

  • Marlow

    Fan was probably at the mediabox beside the bar. Where they showing off the phone to journalists and tech bloggers.

    Got to try both and xperia play needs to have a brighter lcd screen. I was surprised on how dim it was did set it max brightness while playing there ashphalt demo.

    I liked the arc more its quite similar to the captivate like how light it feels. We were doing benchmarks against a 2.3 galaxy s it was pretty respectable. I hope the screen contrast can be tweaked when they release the source code that’s about the only complaint is had about the device.

    Who won the phones though? Since we left abit early.

    • Veronica

      Not sure who won the arc, they called out a name but no one claimed it 🙁

  • Brad

    Anyone know if the Arc will be unlocked?

    • Veronica

      One of the Rogers reps from last night confirmed that the Arc will be LOCKED to Rogers.

  • Jesse

    T2!! It’s great how they brought an MLG pro to the event, Tom is a great guy!

  • LifeOnlineIsNeat

    I want a PLAY so bad it makes my insides hurt

  • Eddy

    any news on the Xperia Pro?

  • Marlow

    @Veronica thanks for the info. I wonder if they showed the winning image, because mine was definitely not pg13, but hilarious. I was hoping i’d win would be nice to get a head start on developing for it and fixing a couple bugs I saw.

    On another note come say hi next time haha.

  • Ashok

    Get Yours early! Available on April 27th if you visit Ashok at the Sony Toronto Eaton Centre store before Wednesday April 27th and reserve your! Get it at the exclusive launch on April 27th – get yours before everyone else!!