Bell to release Nokia C6-01 at $279.95


  • andriy

    nice phone

  • XER

    For this price, I would say it is good value!

    By the way… I wonder why Bell is selling this phone outright… unlike the Atrix! Stupid Bell!

  • jnrbshp

    optimus chic 250….

  • zorxd

    Who cares about a 8 MP camera on such a small phone. I bet you don’t see the improvement over a 5 MP camera. Maybe even a 3 MP camera.

  • Vik

    Well, smart phone with a touch screen and camera. What do you expect – it is not Android or iPhone but a cheaper device with good quality and reliability. No everyone is willing to spend hundreds on a fashion…

    • zorxd

      The Optimus One is in this price range and is probably still a better buy since Symbian is pretty much dead.

  • Me Ted

    No offence Nokia but “like it matters” certainly applies here.

  • cybik

    Pentaband. I like.

  • For Gee

    This phone actually has one of the nicest screens in the whole market. There was a shootout a while back and the C6-01 came out on top in many categories.

  • Louis

    It works on AWS bands as well.

  • Claudiu

    Yeah, but how easy will it be to unlock ?

    • tom

      Next to impossible. This is Nokia BB5 SL3 based.

  • Marc

    its an 8mp camera but theres no autofocus….

  • Thed

    WOW! A Nokia phone running on Symbian. This is has to be the fanciest door stop ever!