Bell Motorola Atrix now available for pre-order at Best Buy


  • Jon

    No thanks.

  • Steve C.

    YES PLEASEEEEEEE!!!!!!! Thankfully my work is paying 🙂

  • BigC_13

    I’ll probably be picking this up, don’t see anything upcoming here in Canada that will challenge this. Trying to decide if it’s worth signing a contract for.

  • andy c

    remember kids, Bell wont sell you the phone without a contract therefore you’ll have to pay at least one month of service to Bell.

    Bestbuy will probably have the same arrangement.

    • Jentech

      Not for me. Locked bootloader = #FAIL. Motorola needs to get with the program.

    • daveloft

      I don’t think that’s much of an issue for most people, nor is it a new thing.

  • Tyler

    Is AT&T the same as far as the required activation goes? I would much rather cross the line and buy one for $499 from AT&T rather than $599 from best buy or bell.

    • BigC_13

      The Atrix on AT&T has it’s speed capped, you’ll be getting terrible uploads if you go with that one. Plus AT&T pulls all kind of nonsense with their Android phones, preventing sideloading etc.

    • Tyler

      @ BigC_13

      I guess we will just have to wait and see if Bell allows sideloading aps and higher upload speeds, currently i am just assuming they will be the same and any evidence otherwise will be a nice surprise but its still arguable whether its worth the extra $100 since these issues can likely be remedied by rooting anyways.

  • Colin

    Got to ask, what exactly is a superphone? Never heard of that one before, other than on Dr Who. Marketing on handsets are starting to go a little wacky, what’s next Supreme Deluxe Superphone?

    • andy c

      the Supreme Deluxe Superphone (aka Iphone5) will be out in the summer. the only way it could be more awsome was if charlie sheen was using it.

      all hail the Supreme Deluxe Superphone!

  • Jérémie Pettigrew

    “Motorola Atrix Users Experiencing Random Reboots” look out pocket now

  • seller

    umm i dunno how truthful that outright sale only thing is.. i work in cell sales… no word yet as to this..

  • Jim R

    I must be missing it, but is the price actually stated, or does BB expect you to plunk down your $50 without knowing the final cost?

    • andy c

      nice catch.

      it’s probably in the “see store for details” part.

  • andrew

    i am a little weary of this device, it has had mixed reviews on performance, especially when connected with the laptop, I love the idea..its perfect, but I think i would need to put it through some testing before buying it…or find someone who has one

  • Eric

    Just deposited $50 (+13% HST) at Downtown BestBuy for the phone…No word on final pricing; looks like I will be signing up for a one-month service in order to get the device…

  • Samuel Maskell

    An already outdated OS with a horrible UI that slows it down and a locked bootloader? No thanks. The hardware looks spectacular but the software is unbearable.

    • KingK

      What phones in Canada have more up to dated OS?

      What phones are running 2.4?

      Its already rooted, you people complaining about bootloader probably have no idea how to do anything with it anyway.

      If you did then you would know that updates won’t be a problem for someone tech savvy.

  • John

    Also, if no one noticed, the Atrix and accessories that was previewed on CES 2011 was tweaked prior to demo. When the actual product was released on Feb, it did not perform as close to the demo unit. The same applies to the laptop dock.

    Another scam tactics by Motorola.

    In regards to the cap speed by AT&T, it has already been verified by some XDA users that they will enable the hardware for faster upload/download once their 4G network is completed by AT&T. If you are bringing that phone to North America, who really cares? We are used to getting crappy UL/DL speed anyway. It is just a matter of software unlocking to enable it since it was also verified that the option is there. Bloatware/Crapware can be deleted.

    The most unfortunate thing is that, “DG” the XDA dev that figured out how to root/deodex/customized some of the earlier roms has bailed out in regards to fully unlocking the bootloader for the Atrix. Time will tell if this smartphone is really worth it.

    Tegra 3/Quad is also coming out fall this year to Q1 2012.

  • Tyler

    Sending this from an atrix at best buy in vancouver. Went into the settings and install apps from unknown sources is checked! But they say 3 year contact only so I guess it’s craigslist or a trip to the states for me cause im stuck on telus.

  • Roze

    So was at the Bell store downtown Toronto this morning and played with the demo Atrix. People need to understand that the Bell’s Atrix is NOT the same as the AT&T’s Atrix!!!Bell’s Atris has no HSUPA cap. I got 1.5-2mbs upload speed from and the rep I was talking said that he got up to 3mbs ul a few times. As Tyler stated, you can sideload apps.

    The rep show me their Atrix sales manual and it did say that you can’t buy the phone off contract BUT looking at the word of the manual, it says that you need to activate the phone and didn’t say that it has to be post pay. So a work around he told me was that I can get the phone unsubsidized with a pay-as-you go plan. Activation is free and I get a $15 credit for my PAYG account.

    I know I’m going to get the phone when it comes out! Don’t see the phoint of pre-ordering though.