Video: Stereoscopic 3D concept demo on the BlackBerry PlayBook

There has been so much hype over the upcoming BlackBerry PlayBook I truly hope it becomes the success RIM wants it to be. Rumours are still pointing to a release over the next couple months at a $500 price point. During the Mobile World Congress last week in Barcelona there was a few apps that were demonstrated that made the PlayBook a bit more exciting – such as the Scrapbook and WebWorks. These were designed by a company that RIM recently purchased called The Astonishing Tribe (TAT).

Another video has surfaced that shows it’s 3D capabilities – not capturing just showing. This was created by TAT and they stated that the “BlackBerry PlayBook tablet outputting stereoscopic 3D visuals, demonstrates many of the hardware features of the tablet: 1080P HD visual, micro HDMI output, and multi-touch support”. It’s a cool video and I’m sure any other tablets can preform this action but makes the PlayBook look a bit cooler to have.

Source: Inside BlackBerry