Mobilicity $45 monthly plan now includes Unlimited Data


  • Don

    Great deal.

  • XER

    Rogers, Telus and Bell… This is what a true unlimited plan is about.

    Not 250 day time minutes, 9pm unlimited evening, $15 call display, text and voicemail, 35cents long distance, 500 MB data for $25. Mobi also offers unlimited calling to any numbers anywhere in Canada (I have more than 5 friends… Perhaps Nadir only has 5 and at most 10 friends?)…

    Chat-R is lack of Dat-R!

  • Regulator

    This is a good look for Mobilicity. Hopefully they come to Hamilton in 2012. Wouldn’t mind trying them out.

  • Carl

    Anyone confirm that if I have a $35 plan plus additional $10 data that I would fall into the $45 “multi-month” plan section? It seems obvious but since the 3 plans match the 3 “multi-month” plan totals, I wonder if you end up getting a discounted $35 plan ($279.99 for the year) but pay full price for a separate $10 data add-on ($120 for the year) as opposed to it all being bundles up as $359.99 for the year.

  • Dabba

    I would get them if they were in Milton.

    Now the golden question is if Wind will copy them or not.

    • Dan

      Yep, they copied again.. Lol

  • harry

    if I pay for a year upfront and the company goes belly up what happens to my money?

    • ??

      You can refund anytime in the year even you pay in advance.

  • Dale

    Please come to Winnipeg!!!!!

    We are getting hosed big time.

    Why don’t the big 3 wake up!!!!!

    • Don

      They don’t wake up, because millions, like me, are locked into long term contracts. So they don’t have to match any of the new carriers.

  • Luke

    Wondering why I can’t post comments. Good eal, whats wrong with saying that ?

  • Jason

    Umm, rogers, come Nov, you might be losing a customer

  • WINDWatcher

    So WIND launched the equivalent earlier today… Mobilicity is behind on this one

    • Dan

      No, other way around AGAIN..

      Dave announced yesterday they were launching this today.. Also mobilicity had it up on their site before.

  • teee

    wind has the same thing too

  • Carl

    I’d imagine same for both companies though…
    Straight from Wind…
    “You may activate the Winter Wonder Plan for a limited time only and its availability is subject to change or cancellation without notice.”

    So basically if Wind doesn’t find it profitable, they can discontinue it without any notice or warning?

    • Mark007

      Every company has this disclaimer on promotional prices.

  • espink

    $30 a month, that is one great deal. I hope they make the Edmonton coverage area better. At least match Wind’s Edmonton coverage area.

  • WINDWatcher

    No, it just means that this is a promotion and won’t last forever. They’re not going to just change your plan some day without notice

  • JAWG

    I’m amazed that Mobi listened to our group to make changes,however we were hoping that the BONUS sections would be permanent with more reasonable price drops in the $35 plan add-ons and that the $25 plan would include VM/CW/CF/3WC also including reasonable price drops there for the add-ons…yet good job overall and shows they are paying attention.

    Definitely an improvement in voice quality over the last week in RichmondHill/Scarborough/Mississauga and text delivery…VM has improved and slight issues with on-line registering of minutes used while roaming that was easily fixed by contacting CS.

    Now please start expanding!

  • GuiSim

    I wish they’d come to Québec !

    • Dan

      Its 3G, around 2-4 mbps.

  • Rogers Rep

    What kind of internet is it?

    • Stimulator

      Oh, they have the internet on computers now!

    • Rogers Rep

      *sigh* Edge, 3g? Or is it basic browser?

  • Dabba

    I request all fanboys not to make this a flame war again. Lets all just be glad of the fact that we have competition now.

  • WirelessBoy

    @ XER A true unlimited plan? How can you call a plan in a limited area a “True unlimited plan”?? I agree it is a very nice plan but not a True Unlimited Plan when I can get charged for Voice and Data once outside of the very small coverage area Mobilicity has. If this was an all in type of plan right across Canada where the likes of Rogers/Bell/Telus has coverage then I would jump on that bandwagon…until then I will continue to call this a Limited Unlimited Plan.

    • Rogers Rep

      Very true, walk two feet outside your home area and boom, you get nailed with service charges and data usage and kaboom you have a $100-200 bill.

      This is a great plan for people who stay to one area of the city but if you move around then you are hosed.

      So take off eh!

    • XER

      Majority of the people who join Mobi or Wind will conduct daily activities within their zone. For me, I am 95% of of the time within my home zone and therefore this is not an issue to me. For the rest 5%, I will incur some charges but considering how much the big three ding me before, this is nothing.

      You can always set your handset to home network only and turn off any data roaming.

  • Paul

    Question for JAWG, I have seen you favoring Mobilicity over WIND on several occasions ? Could you tell me why is it better ? Shouldn’t we be happy they’re BOTH in the market, making it more competitive and forcing the big 3 to treat us better ? I’m not an expert on this industry but I just wonder if I were to leave my carrier and sign up with one of these two, why Mobilicity ?

    • Regulator

      Paul with JAWG and his various handles, its more about his hatred for WIND and Orascom than his love of Mobilicity. He makes stuff up as he goes.

      I’m happy that we have 3 new carriers in Mobi, Wind and Public. JAWG focuses on small things and cannot see the big picture.

  • Amar

    Now as an official plan…I LIKE, both WIND and Moblicity are doing a good damn job. They better make this plan for life!!!

  • baconeater

    Isnt the Mobilicity plan better in that includes US LD and is cheaper if you pay 12mos up front? If you go outside a zone , you pay. Dpends on usage it could be cheaper still. Data service is only EDGE outside a zone.

  • e62

    How is the signal in GTA between Wind and Mobilicity?

  • JAWG


    Personally,every person has to make their own decision based on what they can afford/the best solution for them/whatever ethical circumstances surround the company if it makes a difference to them in picking a provider…when joining a company many just don’t give a $hit where they simply demand lower rates which in reality is a joke since it solves nothing considering even performance may be compromised and some actually care .

    In my opinion along with others I don’t think the combination of Wind-Orascom was ever good for our consumers/nation/mobile industry…for too many years the CRTC/Government has been abusing Canadians when it comes to the Telcos and Clement/the PC party just made that worse in allowing Wind to operate in such a dubious way.You don’t advance technology by the PC’s over-riding the CRTC’s decision to break our established foreign ownership regulations,then allow Orascom the world’s biggest predator to own the Provider with 65-75% of the share including full control where their past corruption speaks for itself and finally NEVER give the public any worthwhile disclosures…this is absurd/deceptive/offensive without logic and why so many are willing to fight against this injustice where Fanboys just lie/insult people/falsify things to hide the truth.If you’re a concerned Canadian with some ethics you will not support Wind and if you do then don’t blame others if you are criticized for what you do as no one is preventing you from making that choice.However,do not allow Free Speech from being destroyed or try to ban individuals from giving their opinions since without discussion you will bury our industry further.In short,there is nothing wrong with our providers or their service….it’s the flawed system that abuses rates/consumers in allowing them to operate that way or with each other and permitting more garbage in will solve nothing.

    Mobi is not perfect,yet they obeyed the rules and are CANADIAN,they have a good network builder and the infrastructure is improving weekly to the point that in a shorter period of time they have caught up to Wind with less flaws and trying to fulfill their obligation to consumers where they are licensed…Wind on the other hand has always lacked integrity,only made unfulfilled promises and have gone on hype alone just like overseas where they have failed in many markets with dishonesty.And with Orascom being in complete control of the Canadian firm there is no difference and the CEO is just a puppet as many have already suggested.For all these reasons it’s better to go with Mobi,push them to be honest and criticize them if mistakes are made on purpose while giving support until they deserve it…so far they are worth a shot and their service is much better.Voice quality is good,mast to mast releases/transfers are excellent and the overall experience is sound.Therefore,if you don’t want to be with the Incumbents to side with progress until real change can be forced Mobi is your choice and if you just want to continue the corrupt ways of the CRTC/Government then you will go with Wind or if integrity means nothing to you since even the Incumbents are more reliable with all their flaws…bottom line everyone can make their own choice as I said and hopefully the majority will make a wise one.Above all everyone should fight the CRTC/Government and without that you’re it’s all a farce.

  • Rogers Rep

    lolz at JAWG.

    Ur rage u lose.

  • JAWG


    Great post…really makes everyone think!


    Paul wanted an answer and he got it,so instead of falsely claiming I have different handles which is a lie and saying that I have hatred when you’re filled with it try to show some intelligence…just try although that is difficult I know.

    • Regulator

      JAWG please you are known for making stuff up.

  • Paul

    @JAWG. Thanks a lot for taking your time to write that explanation. I didn’t know those were the terms in which WIND entered the market. I for one believe there should be change in the wireless industry so I will be leaving my carrier when the contract is up. If what you’re saying is true, it’s extremely unfortunate because there is NO information (at least on the mainstream level) about this out there for one to make an informed decision.

  • JAWG


    Thanks for responding,I guess everyone has to do their own research and make a decision according to their needs/desires/morals hoping it’s a good one…so that’s all I’m saying and our private group is mainly going after the CRTC/Government as without that there will be no change where the new spectrum sale may make things worse.

    I have nothing against Wind users or the company itself,we just hope the CEO will eventually be removed and that Orascom finally sells their assets to a more reliable source…however FANATICAL FANBOYS are just helping to destroy the mobile industry with the kind of support they give Wind-Orascom in its’ present state and their approach is meaningless in the real world as the hype is dead.Our head is now also asking all of our members to go with Mobi or stick with the Incumbents and try to convince their friends/relatives/associates/neighbors/etc to do the same which further includes various Unions/ACTRA/Techies/etc.

    When decent Middle East journalists are being censored from speaking the truth against Orascom or even punished you know there is a problem,we don’t need this crap in Canada and by allowing Clement/the Government to run the show like this in such a deceptive way displays how badly changes are needed…win or lose people are finally speaking out and that is worth more than the users who support a Telco Predator.

  • Regulator

    Paul don’t listen to JAWG, he is as credible as a palm reader or someone who looks at a magic ball for info.

    JAWG has been caught on numerous forums posting falsified information, with multiple handles, been banned etc for his hatred of ARABS.

    He doesn’t like middle easterners and has a hard on for Orascom.

  • Regulator

    JAWG I don’t care who your neighbours are, and I don’t care about banning free speech, you area liar and constantly suggesting or putting words into my mouth.

  • Winduser

    Seems like Jawg and Paul are having a conversation with themselves probably the same person

  • Winduser

    Are Jawg and Paul the same person and just talking to himself ?

  • JAWG


    You wouldn`t happen to be a Wind Troll would you…don`t be hypocrites and lie!?!

  • DH

    3g Internet 17mg

  • daivid

    great deal, not like FIDO 50$ just for unlimited voice in Toronto only. I will give Mobilicity a try, it’s way cheaper and I am sure service will improve with time.

  • Jon

    Rogers & bell have been raping Canadians for too long now….fcukem’