Steve Jobs taking medical leave of absence from Apple


  • Arnold

    that sucks. bring on the iPhone 5

  • Mark

    I wish him the best. He’s had his share of health problems, and I hope this one is not too serious. Best of luck and get well soon, Steve.

    Also hope that in his absence Apple has the foresight to open their platform to a point of basic usability.

  • Dustin

    you were the first one on my twitter to break the news… kudos!

    I hope Steve will be okay!

  • Rene

    And in related news, Apple stock drops this morning. Lol

    In all seriousness, I hope Jobs gets better.

    • slype

      Yup – I fully agree – I think Steve Jobs has done a great job on turning Apple around but the problem is, Steve Jobs is apple. Their stock and, I believe, their direction will take a downward turn after he is no longer with the company (for whatever reason)..

      That being said, I hope he does well…

  • Doug

    Apple customers are the DUMBEST people in the world to me. This is a company that never has any sales thus they don’t show appreciation and they never contribute to the retail groups that sell their crap, especially in Canada. Regardless you sit the Apple store packed everytime… People function as a pack even when they think they’re so intellectually gifted in regards to other animals. Apple spits in your eye and slaps your face and you turn the other side of your face to be slapped there as well, f-ing morons.

    • EJ

      I know it’s monday morning but relax!

    • Carlos Andres

      Well you know what they say. there’s only 2 types of people out there. Apple users and wanna be apple users.

    • Ryan

      Steve has pancreatic cancer the odds of him coming back are slim, its like one of the few forms of cancer that is almost for sure a death sentence, i feel bad for the guy, gets kicked out his out company that he started only, to be brought back to turn the company around and now he has to deal with this. Unfortunately i don’t see him surviving for much longer. Goodluck to apple

  • Chris Marle

    Get well soon Steve Jobs, best luck!

  • EJ

    In before JAWG makes claims that Orascom forced Steve Jobs to take a medical leave of absence!

    • EJ

      seriously, you’ve been using my name for almost 2 months and then you stop and then you start again. I’m done here. F**k this noise.

  • Kyussmanchu

    I have a hard time feeling sad for multi-Millionaires.
    Sucks to be him I guess.

  • jabba52

    Call me an i***t, but who is the Team? Is this a letter to Apple employees?

  • kEiThZ


    I wouldn’t worry about JAWG. If you ignore him he’ll eventually just go away. Believe me, I know from experience. He used to be quite a pest on HowardForums. Fortunately, the moderators identified him as a troll and issued him a permanent ban.

    • Regulator

      Nice to see someone else aside from me remembers how he got booted on HoFo.

  • malik

    I have a feeling that steve is not comming back. I hope I am wrong

  • malingerer

    at the end our lives no one ever wished “I should have worked more…” He’s making the wise choice 🙂

  • bummy

    AS much as I love to hate on apple for being mainstream, Steve Jobs is an amazing man. Get well soon buddy.

  • JAWG

    About time. Time for me to invest in Apple shares to be the next billionaire.

  • JAWG

    Job’s leave of absence will certainly put a huge pressure on Wind.. And I think Mobi will do better in this crisis situation… Although there would be no loss for the big 3…. IMO, the fact that wind has entered Canadian market is the main reason behind Job’s medical leave of absence…

    WOW! Finally I could put a logical comment!

    • lukeiphone

      Yes for once, for the first and the last time.

  • Carlos Andres

    get well soon steve!

  • chall2k5

    Prove it with numbers, Wind have over 250,000 now, mobi would be hard pressed to have over 100,000, and Wind only had a 5 month head start

  • JAWG


    To my knowledge Mobi made no predictions as to how many Subs they’ll have in the first 3 years,however Wind did to the point they are way behind their estimated quota and I’m sure they’ll never reach that goal with their poor service and a flawed network that isn’t improving after a whole year in business since it was just basic hype.However,Mobi is by anyone who actually has an account there a much better provider and by concentrating in the bigger cities where they are licensed in higher population areas if they keep it up they eventually will catch up and pass Wind as more leave that provider.Wind is struggling and the big lead basically means nothing now,the numbers in the end are what counts in the future and even Wind no longer sees themselves as a National carrier anymore as that will take decades to build and with Orascom’s financial problems overseas good luck.

    What Mobi needs to do is focus on their approach,direction and marketing to improve it as Wind’s style is a joke,yet if they don’t that will cause problems regardless how good the service and network is and keeping loyal customers is more important than actually having more customers…no matter what you Yahoos say about the incumbents millions are quite happy with them and your rants mean nothing to the general public and corporate accounts.Orascom will slip up in time as they always do and none of you can stop that with your jokes or impersonations.

    I myself along with our group decided to support Mobi because they are the best new Canadian entrant in Ontario and I’m sure the majority will agree after trying the others.

    • lukeiphone

      JAWG, in your past comments, you said the main reason for Steve to leave apple is because mobilicity is raking in customers?? LIKE WTFFF
      What has mobilicity gotta do with steve’s depart? Mobilicity uses none of apple products because its not compatible. There is no way there is a link in this. Even if mobilicity was to shut down, steve wouldnt even give rats a*s about it.

  • JAWG


    And the post above you is not me…clue in!

  • JAWG

    You’re even making fun of ill people…pretty sad man and for what…to prove you’re an i***t.Not even you’re own Windies think it’s funny anymore and proves you are disturbed.Good luck with the therapy!

  • 6G

    Have to agree with the comments about Apple users being duuuuuumb. I have friends who jumped on the IPhone bandwagon this year and got an IPhone 4, I never let them here the end of it. My android (Galaxy Captivate) is better in every way. Every person I talk to who has gotten an IPhone never have a good reason for doing for save ‘Everything else I own is Apple’.