Mobilicity BlackBerry Curve 3G and Bold 9700 upgrade to OS 6 now available


  • Matthew

    Wow.. that looks REALLY bad on BELL/TELUS/ROGERS.. a newbie beat them to the punch for updating their Blackberry’s to OS 6…

  • elchavodellethbridge

    I am patiently waiting for OS 6 for my Bell Curve 3G. I am sure it will be released very soon. I have see videos of people running OS 6 on 9300 and it looks sweet!

    • James Arsenault

      Telus will release curve 3G anytime this month but hopefully bell will follow it thereafter.

  • Regulator

    This is good for Mobilicity way to stick it to Big 3

  • RealDeal

    This is a really old build of OS6. Good on the new guy for sticking it to the man.

    Sent from my Bell 9700 running OS 6

  • Khristopher

    Come on Wind! Where is your update?

  • JAWG

    Very Good Mobi!

    • Regulator

      JAWG your racist tendency’s are showing again. BTW I’m sure Camel’s are smarter and more capable and useful than you two clowns (or 1 clown, since you are both JAWG)

  • Picks

    Does an official release even matter most the time? I am running .424 on my wind 9700 and that is a newer version then the mobi version. The way I see it those who know what os6 is will update regardless of it being official or not and the majority of people won’t care or even know what an update is or how to do it. IE. I have numerous friends that have never done a software update on their phone nor do they ever run updates on their pcs wether windows or macs

    • Regulator

      Thats true Picks but I nearly bricked my Storm 2 before trying an unofficial brew. It looked like a lost cause but oddly after leaving it alone for a day and going back to it I managed to get the old OS back on and it up and running again. Just be sure you trust the source of the unofficials.

  • tbr

    Screw mobilicity they have clowns working for them. I gave them a chance but there are too many problems appearing. Maybe in five to ten years if they are still around but in the mean time Telus is reliable even if it costs more. My phone is for business not for pleasure. Thank God I did not port my number they would probably have lost it.

    I am thinking of trying out wind just so that I am not a hypocrite like Ragubator since I have a phone. Wont that be interesting.

    • Regulator

      How am I a hypocrite? I have tried all the providers in Ontario at some point in my life except for Public and Mobilicity. When Mobi comes to Hamilton I will try them. I have no issues with Mobilicity but I am happy with my Berry’s that run on Wind. I have a few probs here and there but nothing like the exaggerated stories like TBR+Rocco+JAWG=JAWG makes up.

  • James Arsenault

    I’m waiting for Bell to release OS 6.0 for my bold 9700 but I will be patient anyway.

  • JAWG

    Why do you always bring me into your conversations,you’re such a moron and same crap everyday.

  • Greg

    I hope Virgin Mobile gets the update as well.

  • iprefermcmuffins

    For anyone who’s upgraded, how slow is 6.0 on your 9700? I tried an unofficial release a while ago and it was slow like molasses and almost nothing but hourglasses.

  • Andrew

    Trying to install this via an old XP laptop I dragged out of the closet. The installer keeps quitting on me — is there some other app I need to run it?

  • Ryota

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