“Find the Public Mobile $10,000 Phone contest” goes live in Toronto

New entrant Public Mobile has created a cool contest. It’s already happening in Montreal and today it goes live in Toronto. The details are that from today until December 17th they are giving the chance to win “phones, free plans, and $10,000 in cash”. Huh? 10k in cash? Didn’t know they had that kind of cash (joking).

The contest is called “Find the Public Mobile $10,000 Phone contest” and you have to listen for 4 daily clues (Toronto it’s BOOM 97.3 FM & Montreal it’s NRJ 94.3 FM) of where the Public Mobile Phone is hiding… then between 6-6:30 p.m. the magical phone will start ringing and you’ve got to be the first to pounce on it. If you are successful you’ll win the phone and 3 months of service – then be entered into the grand prize for that cool $10k. No word on what phone you could win.

Check out the full details here at Public