Google Nexus One drops to $49.95 on Videotron’s “reduced price”


  • Pierre

    reduced price is horrible. drop the n/c cost

    • Hilroy

      If you can’t afford $480, then you shouldn’t be buying a smart phone.

    • ThirteenGreen


      How so? Some people like myself prefer not to drop $400 to $500 in a lump sum on a phone. I myself don’t mind a three year contract. Ideally I would like to see three year contracts go the way of the dodo and two year contracts become the norm but I don’t think because someone decides to or can’t drop large sums of money on a smart phone that they shouldn’t be buying them.

    • Jay

      Correction: If you can’t afford $480, buy an LG Optimus One for $200 and hijack some open Wifi hotspots. 😛

  • cybik

    Pleasepleasepleaseplease let it be that the NS is launching soon on Vidéotron…

    • Hurley


    • chall2k5

      he means the “Samsung Nexus S” previously rumored to be called the nexus two

  • tbr

    This may signify that the nexus 2 is coming out soon and they want to clear stock.

  • Harry

    I dont like android phones but if I had to choose I’d go for the HTC desire it’s also 49.99$ on 3 year contract

    • cybik

      You could also go for the Nexus One (just a bit better) and SenseUI it with a Desire-based ROM. Just sayin’.