Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 getting multi touch “Q1 next year”

Now that Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 users are rocking Android OS 2.1, a major issue has always been the lack of multi touch. Sony Ericsson has always stated that “Multi-touch will not be a feature in future updates” for the Xperia X10. However a message on their company blog brings good news to X10 users.

They stated that “because of the huge reaction to this and the real desire for multi touch expressed by you the users, there has been lots of investigations going on and I now have some good news to disclose. We aim to enable multi touch (pinch zoom) in an over-the-air update for the X10. The timing for this update is still a bit work in progress but it will for most markets be during Q1 next year.”

They posted a video of it’s current state and say that the “digitizer in the X10 is not perfect when it comes to multi touch… Therefore we also will not enable it everywhere but the current plan is to enable it for the following use-cases: Pinch/Zoom in the web browser. Pinch/Zoom in Google Maps.”

Nice work Sony Ericsson – hopefully Canada is included in the initial release.
Check it out the video after the break

Source: Phandroid