Update: Samsung “Nexus S” gets pictured

The rumours of a “Nexus Two” launching soon by Google and Samsung are all coming together. Remember a couple weeks ago when this rumoured Android was going to look like a Galaxy S device with a 4-inch display and come with a front facing camera. Gizmodo stated that “It’s black and shiny, built with glossy plastic. Up close, though, it’s “got this curve to it”. On the same day PC Mag stepped up and said that a new Nexus device was going to be released but it was not going to be called the “Nexus Two”.

Well over at Best Buy (United States) there is a device that has popped up called the “Nexus S”. As you can see it looks like a Galaxy S, has a front-facing camera and running Android (rumoured 2.3 “Gingerbread”).

Looking good so far… would you go for this?

Update: Engadget scored some sweet pics of the device now officially named the Nexus S. There’s a couple more after the break.

Source: Engadget & Best Buy