MTS to launch the Kyocera Rio E3100 “in time for the holidays”


  • Kdawg

    Another CDMA device. Can anybody tell me why they continue to launch CDMA devices when they are switching to hspa by early 2011? Would you not want to focus on hspa handsets ?????

  • pj

    Ha u aren’t familiar with how MTS works eh?

    • Kdawg

      If u mean weird backwards and slow I think I gotcha. Otherwise you might have to enlighten me 🙂

  • Caanda45

    Listen for most Manitoba residents it is $0.00 and that is what they like….cheap…….Another crapola CDMA device from MTS, typical stupid company by missing X-mas selling season with no HSPA!!!!!!!!

  • Curtis

    Just in time for the holidays! I’m sure all those people that wrote Santa asking for a Kyocera phone are going to be ecstatic! All 3 of them.

  • jacques

    I can see this phone ending up in Public Mobile’s lineup.

  • Rob

    does anyone have this phone? is it anygood at all?

  • peter

    i just got the phone. Like Canada45 said. It is cheap. So far no complaint.