TELUS HTC Hero upgrade to OS 2.1 now available!


  • nate

    This is great… But what happened to Telus and the Froyo 2.2 upgrade to Desire mid month. Did they do this one in place?

    • Swigg

      for some reason (auto shut down) it got pushed back to november.

  • Lollerskates

    Now if only they pushed out the 2.2 update for the Desire!

  • Gregory

    Lol when I saw the tweet I was happy but when I finish I was sad

  • Alex

    pls help, i have this phone unlocked and using it with rogers. How do i get an OTA update?

    Thanks !

    • Swigg

      menu – settings – about phone – system software updates

  • J.B.

    OMG!!! This is the best Day of my Life! ITS ABOUT DAMN TIME. lol

  • test

    why cant i see any comments…

  • test

    now i can. after i post a comment…weird

  • Andrew

    LOL, I already have 2.2 running. Use it as a mobile hotspot and everything. So f**k you very much telus for once again giving s**t service and screwing over loyal customers time and again.

    Mobilicity is starting in November in Vancouver, lets see how well the nexus one works. At least I wont have to wait for updates on the whim of the carrier because they want to increase hand set sales.

    • m1lk

      now now andrew there’s no need to get overly emotional about this.

      if you, like myself want the updates asap, we root those things like it’s nobodies business XD (high five)

      that said, it’s a sign of good faith on telus’s part to update their old phones with android to 2.1

      better late than never.

      and if you want it like yesterday, then we root =) nuff said

      I hope I didn’t offend you or belittle you. I’m just trying to say there’s no need to start raging … unless you’re with robbers =)

  • Anthony G

    what is happening with the Desire update?? its like Oct. 25th. So they have around 5-6 days left to launch it. They better not be pushing it back one month.

    This just shows you how little Telus cares about their customers. I know the process to updating a ROM network-wide and let me tell you. A lot of improvement can be done.

  • Alex

    im using it on rogers, there is no update OTA n settings. can i do this with HTC sync connected on PC?

  • zorxd

    LOL I wasn’t even hoping for this. Better late than never!

  • Alfonso

    A little bit on the late side. I rooted my Hero a couple of days ago and have been enjoying 2.2 so far. It was really frustrating to have to wait so long for this.

  • Alex

    so If i have this phone unlocked and on Rogers, i wont get the update?? Can anyone confirm this for me. thanks!

  • Canucks316

    Voice dialer? I thought that was 2.2 only?

  • m1lk

    wow… major props to Telus for this update.

    This definitely improves the relationship between the user and the provider.

    In contrast to Robbers…

    Telus still seems like the best android service provider.
    Bell I do not believe has had any updates, but they’re not that bad…as far as we can see

  • comment

    a comment so i can see comments

  • bob

    dang. I am shocked. BTW, to all the desire owners: you might have to wait a little bit (from a Hero owner) :p

  • Hugo Beaulieu

    Well that is a good sign… Just 6 months late!!!! I already gave away my Hero to get a N1, but still, it gives me hope for the future

  • Andrew


    There is reason to rage. I bought this phone and was promised an update in January, then it was February, March, April, May etc. It’s now the end of f*****g October. Not only this, every single carrier(yes, every one of them) released this update months ago(Orange in the UK being the exception, released the update last month). HTC sent the update to the carriers back in May and left it up to the carriers as to when THEY wanted to release it. Telus chose now? Telus held back this update on purpose so it wouldn’t cut into sales of other handsets.

    I don’t like being promised something, sign a contract and then essentially have the carrier tell me to go f**k myself because they want more sales. I need to replace this handset because the speaker isn’t working properly, my warranty is void right now because I installed Froyo, I will need to spend 4-6 hours to remove froyo and downgrade to stock rom. But I should have learned by now, mobile carriers in Canada do whatever the hell they want with little consequence.

    • Ryan

      Can anyone tell me why when I turn my Hero on and connect to Wifi it doesn’t notify me that an update is available?

      I havent used my Hero in a few months, been using an iPhone 3GS as work gave me one to use but I want to play around with Android 2.1 on the Hero. I tried both with, and without my SIM card and it still isn’t prompting me for a firmware download.

      Anyone know of anyway to make the phone search for a firmware update?

    • J.B.


      What I did is I backed up all my contacts, photos, etc onto my computer first, then I formatted my microSD card, then did a factory data reset which erases everything on the phone. Then turned the phone off, and tuened it back on. And after doing initial setup tasks, itll come up with an OTA update to 2.1. I just did it and its awesome. Why I didnt root this and go to 2.1 months ago is beyond me.

    • Dan

      hey, I am in the same boat, just tried finding a stock cupcake, but it is from the uk and now my OTA is f***ing UK, so I need to do the same, do you know where I can get the canadian cupcake or at least the North Amerian stock? I lost my back up somewhere along the line of rooting and flashing bliss. My speaker works, but my internal antenna is screwed and I still have 5 months warranty left.

  • Andrew


    Also, Rogers updated the Magic to 2.1 over a month ago and that hand set is even older than the Hero. I don’t like Rogers either, but this update doesn’t make telus better than rogers.

  • zorxd

    Can anybody who made the update report the baseband (aka radio) version?

  • Ryan

    Can anyone tell me why when I turn my Hero on and connect to Wifi it doesn’t notify me that an update is available?

    I havent used my Hero in a few months, been using an iPhone 3GS as work gave me one to use but I want to play around with Android 2.1 on the Hero. I tried both with, and without my SIM card and it still isn’t prompting me for a firmware download.

    Anyone know of anyway to make the phone search for a firmware update?

  • Ryan


  • Ryan


    I had wiped the handset, and am trying it again, but I hadn’t formatted the SD Card, which I just did. Do I need my SIM card in the phone to do the OTA, or as long as I am connected to WiFi will it work? I put my SIM in the phone and then did a wipe but it still didn’t tell me there was an update.

    I don’t know if there is anything I am missing or not.

    Thanks for the input!

  • neoclassic

    I’m already also running FroYo 2.2 in the form of FroydVillain 1.5. Why would I go back to 2.1 Telus? Eh?

  • Ryan

    I still am not getting an update for Android 2.1. Can anyone confirm if I
    need my SIM card to do the OTA. I’ve wiped the device several
    times, formatted the SD card and turned the prompts for the
    firmware download off and on.

    Does anyone else have any other ideas on why this isnt going
    through, or what else I can try?



  • Dan John

    Is there any point to update my phone to the official 2.1? I flashed it with villiamrom12 (i think that’s what it’s called) about a month ago, but the battery life has been s**t ever since.

    It does however have some features that I don’t even the think the official update has.

  • Aaron

    The delay on this update is the reason I’m buying a Windows phone.
    Seriously, if updating is going to be left to the carrier, that’s about the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard. I’ve waited months for this 2.1 update and it’s already obsolete, 2.2 is the lastest.
    WP7 for me. At least the carriers won’t be able to have us at their mercy for updates, MS does NOT accept this kind of crap from carriers. Google seems to be fine with it… well, they just lost a customer.

  • Airmin98

    I don’t know about WP7, but for previous Windows Mobile 5.x/6.x, user still have to wait for carrier to get the software update. So don’t put too much hope on Microsoft.

  • Eroe

    Reposted from Phandroid:

    I managed to update it OTA even though my phone was unlocked and I use Rogers as my carrier. Just change the date of your phone for 1 week ahead (since the firmware on HTC Hero waits 7 days before checking for any new changes) and your phone should get an update asking if you want to upgrade your firmware. Or you could just wait a week :P.

  • Rico

    Since the phone looks for the update “every 7 days” according to HTC, you can fool your Hero into looking for the update by manually updating the calendar more than 7 days in advance. Under settings – time & date, turn off “automatic” and manually advance the date by a month or so. When you return to the home screen, you should receive the notice shortly.
    A few tips:
    Make sure you are on wireless before commencing the update; it will first download the files and save them on the phone, and then ask you if you want to install the update at a future time. At this time you can back everything up before install, as well as resetting your date settings back to “automatic”.
    After install, you will lose your homescreen settings, so prepared to spend some time reinstalling widgets and icons. You may notice your contacts’ photos no longer link with Facebook. Go into Settings (it will have a new interface) – Accounts & Sync – and remove “Facebook for HTC sense.” Then go back to Accounts & Sync and “Add account” to reinstall “Facebook for HTC Sense”. Somehow the reinstall and FG usder ID and log-in process makes the linking process work again.

    • Ryan


      I have attempted the calendar trick by going 7 days ahead, 14 days ahead, even a month and two months ahead and I still haven’t received the prompt for the new firmware update. I have left it after changing the date for a few hours and nothing.

      I have tried leaving the device on WiFi as well as leaving WiFi off and just letting it connect to the TELUS 3G connection and still nothing.

      I don’t know what the issue is and why HTC thought it would be a good idea to only allow OTA downloads and no give their clients an option to manually download the software, much the way that RIM and Apple do it.

      Any other idea’s are more then welcome and thank you for listening to my rant!

  • JK

    well at least it’s finally here. I dunno if it affects a lot of ppl since they may have rooted it by now but hey, telus didn’t forget about us hero users!

  • ashqar ahamed

    I can’t watch videos of YouTube. Because I can’t install Flashplayer to my HTC hero
    G2 touch phone.