Video: Bell LG Optimus Quantum hitting Bell November 8th (Windows Phone 7 device)


  • Joe T

    Is it me, or are all these new Windows 7 devices pretty much the same as the latest Android phones? The share the same screens, same processors, and same options… People want variety, not the same phones rebadged with different icons.

    • Mike M

      I’m getting pretty jazzed about WP7. Gonna give my wife the Palm Pre I’ve been using (and had a meaningful love/hate relationship with for the past year) and give Microsoft’s entry a try.

      As for the idea that people want variety I think that couldn’t be further from the truth. Enthusiasts want variety, but normal people just want stuff that works. This is the key to the iPhone’s success and Microsoft has been paying attention to that.

  • DrAkO

    It’s not 3.5″ the screen ?

  • Joe M

    Are there any other phones being released via Bell!? I really hope so……………

  • Hallandale

    Physical Keyboards should be a more easily-accessed option.

    I’m on Rogers and I don’t have carp in terms of choosing a phone with a physical keyboard. Bell gets this and the desire Z, Telus has the Milestone/Droid. If I want a high-end Android device with a keyboard on Rogers, I’m SOL. LG Eve? Motorola Flipout? Don’t make me laugh.

    I’m using an Acer Liquid E and I miss the +50 WPM that I could hit on my HTC Dream.

  • Henry

    Very nice looking phone. I wish Telus had a qwerty touch screen smart phone this nice. My big worry about WP7 OS is the lack of good apps. It’s a brand new OS so what is available apart from the standard stuff MS delivers? Not sure I can wait ages once I get my first smart phone to access the cool apps!