TELUS HTC Desire to be priced at $79.99 on 3-year


  • Marcus

    If the no-contract price is $449 I’ll get it the day it comes out.

  • Alex M

    Telus, please make the 2- and 1-year contract prices reasonable. Reasonable: 2-year = 179; 1-year = 279; 30-days – 379
    Unreasonable: 2-year = 350; 1-year = 400; 30-days = 450

  • Aalok

    Awesome. Would love to know 2yr and 1 yr contract pricing details.

  • boobytrapped

    That’s a pretty good no-contract price for sure.

  • lager

    If it came out with AMOLED screen, I’d get it.

  • Ryan

    And it’ll be obsolete in the fall, when the HTC Desire HD gets released. Le sigh…

    Alex M – 30 day contract price? Wtf?

  • apowerranger

    This is funny. It’s a Best Buy/Future Shop inventory screen.

  • Mike

    Yup, thats the phone for me then. Great ‘No Contract’ price. (fingers crossed)

  • Randy – 1

    @Ryan, the Desire HD is “rumoured” for late October. Right now, there’s absolutely no concrete evidence for this whatsoever. Assuming that’s true though, you can bet it’ll be well into 2011 before it hits Canada.

    This is the first landing of the Desire in North America, a little bit of a coup for TELUS. How long will it be for the HD?

    The waiting game never pans out with the speed at which new phones come out (unless it’s something like the iPhone where the annual release schedule is pretty standardized). There’s always something bigger and better just around the corner. If you keep waiting for it, you’ll always end up disappointed and phoneless.

  • Zeliig

    Was thinking no contract would be around $600…let’s hope these prices are true.

  • Daniel

    anyone else notice the “brown goods” on the left?

  • Al

    When is the damn Samsung Galaxy Vibrant coming out on Bell.

  • Alan

    Umm – I do not beleive that you know how contracts in canada work

    there is no 30 day

    its 1 2 or 3 years and all but the 3 year give you little to no contract… lol

  • Regi Suh

    Wow…really cheap 🙂

  • Dave Cooke

    Anybody have any info on pre-ordering? I want one of these on my hands the second it is on sale.

  • Willy

    I would get it for $450… but this phone is selling for roughly $600 in Taiwan…

  • Marc

    On a 3yrs plan, you can deal with them after 2 years.

    That’s what I’m going to do… My diamond is let say good but old. It served me well.

    You have to be realistic, but what I want is a contract near the one I have now in price. For them, just the price is really counting. So propose them with an offer similar and you should be able to get it. Because they don’t want to lose you as a good customer.

    The 3yrs is to keep you, so after 2 years…

  • BigC_13

    It would be tempting to get this if the no contract price is only $450, but at the same time i think i’ll be waiting to see what the samsung vibrant is going for off contract with bell and just unlock it for telus, but the desire is a close second

  • Randy -1

    While the Samsung Vibrant might have a few marginally better specs than The Desire, I’m going with the Desire. What I’ve seen of the Samsung UI is awful and you don’t get a more fundamental knock against a phone than a bad UI. Sense UI, on the other hand, is about as good an Android overlay as you can hope for.

  • zeliig

    @ BigC…..rumours are going around internet forums about vibrant reception problems …better check into it before you jump on that ship.

  • rm

    anyone here work at telus and waiting to use their $350 discount on this hahaha? it would be sick if the no contract price was $449.99

  • Jp


    Im working for Telus too and im going to buy this phone for sure 😀

    But I’ve been told that it would be more 550 than 450, still less than 700-800 for an iPhone !!!!

  • Marcus

    Can’t see it being $450 no contract since the Hero is $500.

  • Peter

    must admit I’m not in touch with the phone market but to read people say $450 is a good deal surprises me…we are talking about a cellphone and people are so willing to pay that much and think it’s a good deal?!

  • Vedexent


    Two things to keep im mind

    1. It’s not JUST a cell phone, it’s a phone, PDA, portable internet terminal, and pocket media center WITH decent video playback abilities

    2. That’s the no-contract price. Most people tend to think of cell phone prices in terms of subsidized multi-year contract prices: $150 for 3 years, instead of the TRUE $800 price such devices can be.

    $450 for such a device is pretty good for those specifications compared to other similarly capable smartphones.

  • Zeliig

    $450 is a great price if you compare it to
    the price of a no contract iphone 3gs or 4.

  • TS

    Yeah, $450 definitely seems on the low side, given its features and comparing it to its competitors.

    Regarding the value of paying $500 or $600 for “just” a phone, I remember paying $1000 for a Sony Clie PDA, and it was just a PDA, no phone, no networking, tiny camera, etc. I’m thinking of buying a Desire without a plan and just using as a WiFi PDA.

  • brian

    But look what bell did with the HTC legend. It is 399.95 (I believe) no contract. Cellphones are becoming much more affordable. a 450 $ price tag on the desire seems very realistic. Also for that price it will be able to compete with the Iphone 4 a lot better. Just wait and see I guess.

  • Gurkiran

    There is no way this is coming for 450…Especially if the legend is 400. A more realistic price would be around 529/549…

  • Ilikediscounts

    CAN SOME WHO WORKS FOR TELUS HELP??? The inventory screen says “Discountable: Yes” What does that mean??? I want to negotiate a good deal to switch from Bell.

  • Sid

    It says talk of being upgraded to android 2.2, which really means no upgrade. Whatever you pay for it, you will have to be comfortable with 2.1. The old bait n’ switch, bring on the hackers!! (and a tutorial at a 4th grade level for me when you have it figured out)

  • LAOO

    Also TELUS is bringing the old screens! The phones that you will be getting are outdated already.
    Thanks Telus!

  • LAOO

    By the way where is Rogers in this play? Rogers phones sucks they are all 2008/09…

  • DAR

    That is totally a Bestbuy/Futureshop inventory screen shot! lol I’m going to look it up tomorrow at work.

    Ilikediscounts, “Discountable: Yes” just means that it can be used in a Package deal, for example; a 3 year contract or a gift card or something. Keep an eye on the flyers and see what promotions are going on for it (every friday a new flier starts)

  • weezyfthadon

    i work for Telus and the Desire will be 499.99 without a contract. and 79.99 with a 3 year contract, 249.99 with a 2 year contract and 399.99 with a 1 year contract

  • Lmfao

    Hey weezy, When is the release date???? On the Telus main page (Qc), the HTC Desire is the main phone on the main page along with Latest devices + Fastest network = Smarter Smart phone life.

  • laoo

    $499 locked to Telus that will throw a lot of unwanted stuff on my phone. No thanks. Telus’ dreams is to be as nasty as Rogers. I will wait and buy it unlocked!