Apple to open at 8:00am on Friday for iPad launch


  • Mitch

    I do find this device interesting, but I have no use for it since I have a 6 month old notebook that I am planning on keeping for at least 4 years. By then I am sure this product will be better with FLASH and have some competition, so more choices!

  • B

    In keeping with the “competitive nature” of wireless in this country I expect:

    Bell of offer:
    500MB per month: $15.00
    5GB per month: $35.00

    Telus to offer:
    500MB per month: $15.00
    5GB per month: $35.00

  • Jason Bayer

    Who in the their right mind would wait in line for this thing. Why not just go buy an iPod Touch, does exactly the same thing as the ipad, just a smaller screen and $300 cheaper. And $549 for an upgraded iTouch with a 1GHz processsor, which is also the grasphics processor, i think only 256mb of ram (if that), no FLASH, no webcam(or camera of any kind), no new design or custom OS (youd think for a new product they would at least design something better than just a supersized ipod touch). But here are those Apple fanboys that will be there and spending half a months rent on something their probably already have with their Macbooks, iPods and iPhones….but thats what they do. Steve Jobs tells them to buy it, they make it thier mission to be first in line to buy it.

    Question for Jobs. So tell me again how the iPad is better than a Netbook? Cause apparently “Netbooks arent better at anything”….

  • Mick


    I would just hold an iPad and give it a try before making any comments as to what the iPad is or isn’t about.
    Calling it a giant iPod is just plain ignorant and assumes that the ONLY difference is screen size. It also assumes that a difference in screen size has no effect whatsoever on the way you interact with the device.
    Now on the other hand, if the cost of an iPad is worth half your monthly rent, then it’s probably not for you, so don’t worry about it.

  • Jason Bayer


    I dont really plan on holding anything Apple as I have a “grudge” against them and the way they sell, market, and produce their electronics. I realize that screen size probably does make a difference, but is it really that big of a difference to shell out $300 ($350 for 3G) more, whereas I can just buy an iPod Touch?

    Plus, thousands of people, even hardcore apple people, have stated “its just an oversized, overpriced iPod Touch”, so its not really that ignorant of a comment when you look at the whole picture. Plus, Steve Jobs saying “Netbooks aren’t better at anything”? How is that not ignorant, when Netbooks can do everything the iPad can’t (and an avg. of $275 cheaper).

    And cost isnt really a factor, I was just stating that if I were to get the base model, $549 for 16GB after taxes and everything (I live in BC) equals out to be $615.98 (which is my rent for a month @ $600/month) I could afford one if I wanted to, I, like many, just don’t see the value and the need of something like that, when I have a Laptop.

    Granted, M$ have been stating for years theres a market for Tablets, in between smartphones and laptops, but its a very niche market and I just don’t think it will take off like so many have specualted over the years. But time will tell…

  • Nadeem Khan

    Ipad is a luxury item. In my opinion its your own multimedia travel unit. It saves you the hassle of travelling with a computer and at the same time keeps you entertained, almost as much (movies/games/books) but in no way its a replacement for anything. its not as practical as a laptop or as handy as an ipod, its a mule (sorta). It can carry a load around but will never leave a legacy/mark behind.
    i’d still get one if i can.

  • Ankit


    Essentially what you’re saying is that OMG a notebook is just an oversized netbook. After all, notebooks would have the same OS, bigger screen size, faster processor, and cost $400 more than a netbook. Why should anyone ever get a notebook?

    The thing about the iPad and the whole tablet market is that it is simple and you could just take it out and use it. For example, it would be very inconvenient to lug out a netbook during a short bus ride, and then have to deal with finding space for it on your lap…its just not comfortable. Tablets could potentially change that, since during a short bus ride, all you have to go is grab your bag (or whatever your iPad is in) and take it out and slide this to unlock, tap this icon, tap tap slide tap tap, and boom, you’re playing N.O.V.A. Simple, eh?

    • forZombie

      @Ankit. all I can say to you is Boooooooooooooooooooooo!!
      Such a ignorance is trademark of Apple frenzy zombies. No world exist outside Apple store for them. Go check specs of Ipod/iPad and netbook/Notebook On your fancy gadget(put it to some good use 🙂


  • Michael

    I own an iPad… got it when I was at my house in cali. I LOVE IT SO MUCH! I could never do without one again.

    If someone says that it’s not a good product, just look at the sales they are doing in the states. They can’t keep up with the demand, which is why it took so long for it to come to Canada! So clearly there are tons of people who disagree with anyone who thinks it’s not a good product, or just an oversized iPod touch!