Nokia N97 mini coming to Rogers in May?


  • Cheers12

    Man, rogers has to stop releasing sub par smartphones and possibly charging 199 for it

  • Braden Klassen

    I think Rogers would actually have to give the phone to me for free before I’d touch the thing! This phone has gotten such bad reviews, I don’t know why it’s still around. The least they could have done is gone with the N900 if they’re so adamant to give us a Nokia

  • David


  • Jesse S.

    after my 6275i problems I gave up on Nokia forever

  • Jota Efe

    They’ll charge (way) more than that but I’d buy it at $300 off contract. Free lifetime nav on it is decent and definitely adds a bit of value to the set. Assuming Rogers doesn’t cripple it. Still, probably better off waiting for the N8-00 which should be announced in a couple of weeks… and hopefully in stores by xmas! 🙁

    don’t confuse the N97 and the N97 mini. The N97 mini has gotten pretty good reviews. The N97 has been disastrous, mostly because of buggy first-gen firmware and not enough memory. They fixed the first problem. Not the second. The N900 runs on Wind/T-mob frequencies, which means no 3G on Rogers.


  • Julia Makkai

    @ Jesse S. i feel the same way. The 6275i was the WORST phone i had EVER bought (constant shut offs, phone wont turn on, exchanged 8 times at bell) and yes since then i have never looked at nokia again.

  • Kevin

    A year old and a year too late! Work on that SE Xperia X10 and froget about last years news N97, iPhone, etc

  • ana

    i confuse with n97 mini and n97. who can tell me what phone is good?hehe

  • pascal

    @Jesse and Julia you are comparing the N97 to the 6275i is like comparing GM’s Pontiac Firefly 1988 with a 2010 V8 Z28… way different a lot of time to evolve in between… the 6275i was a cheap feature phone the N97 and the N97 mini are Nokia’s flagships.

  • pascal

    oh and just so you know this device support flash… (winkie to all geeks here ;P)

  • pascal

    if Rogers follow the same pricing structure given the N97 Mini is priced 310 EUR or 416$CAN (no contract) so if a 399$ (no contract) device like the HTC Touch is sold 39.99$ (3yr with data plan) than we can expect this one(N97 Mini) to be 49.99$ (3yr with data plan)… I hope it will be free!

  • Cameron Fraser

    the screen on my n95 just cracked so this would make a perfect upgrade! DO IT ROGERS!

  • Nico

    It would be awesome if Rogers allowed this phone to use Unlimited Mobile Browsing on this phone rather than needing a data plan. If the Nokia 5800 and Nokia Surge can use UMB then why shouldn’t the N97 Mini? They are all Symbian 60 devices.

    If it can use UMB like the 5800 then it might do well. But how many people beside S60 fans will chose this phone with data over Blackberries, iPhones and Androids? Especially if its pricier?

  • Nick

    So has anyone confirm this yet?