Bell launching “Remote PVR” service February 12th


  • Pederson

    A very small step in the right direction. Ultimately they’re just trying to lock you into their services, but at least they don’t make us pay for it!

  • cass_m

    Sounds like my Slingbox software which is an awesome piece of tech.

  • schultzter

    Dumb phones watch TV too!!! If it was a WAP site instead of an app then any phone could access it!

  • Nicolas Santella

    Will your set top box be required to be connected to the internet?

  • J.Soul

    It would be sweet if you could watch your PVR content on your HSPA phone…it could probably support it, I mean at least through Wi-Fi or something.

    A PSP can do it, why not a blackberry or iPhone?

  • Rick

    i just downloaded the pvr software to my 9700 via on my bb browser!