Apple files patent that gives real-time parking information

Apple has filed a patent called “Parking & Location Management Processes & Alerts” that uses the GPS in your mobile device (basically your iPhone) that gives you real-time info “about future constraints pertaining to the present location to establish the occurrence of a future event”.

So the patent gives examples because the above statement is out there. Basically it will give you info on the best place to park your car, where available parking spots are, parking spot rates, closest taxi. The patent filing states that:

“Examples include using a present location of the mobile device to infer a vehicle location, accessing a source of data relating to parking regulations at the present location and setting a reminder for avoiding violation thereof. The mobile device can track a present position and adjust an absolute reminder time to account for travel times. The travel times can be arrived at by obtaining data concerning public transportation schedules and present locations of elements of such public transportation. Another example aspect includes correlating a user profile concerning parking requirements with a desired destination area and parking regulations pertinent to the area for guiding a user to potential parking locations”.

Check out the entire patent here at the US Patent & Trademark Office
Via: Go Rumors