Rogers changes HUP… now 24 months and in 5 categories


  • visco

    nibble nibble…this should let me get a new iphone in June, hoping it comes out.

  • Kevin

    wow. they’re really trying to get a lot of people locked in before wind mobile coming eh?

  • theninjasquad

    Does Bell do anything like this?

  • CanadianEh

    Do customers need to subscribe for another 3 year contract?

  • Preacher

    so in 2 years, i can get a new 3 year contract for a new phone, meaning i am now locked in for 4 year contract?

  • Rich

    Figures, I sign up with Telus and all of a sudden Rogers / Bell are throwing nice little treats left and right.

  • Christoff

    I am confused. What is the difference? I thought after 12 months you were eligible to upgrade to any phone at the price of a new customer as long as you signed a new 3yr contract? Maybe it is just a misunderstanding I have with HUP.

  • MCG

    24 months thats 2 years right? Cause the last time I asked about an upgrade (about 3 months ago), the CSR told me the same thing… except for the categories thing.

  • SuB-CoNsCiOuS

    There’s probably going to be some type of clause where it doesn’t apply to the new iPhone =/

  • Paul

    You could always upgrade, however only at a certain point would you be eligible for the same price. Example my contract expired last year – but for me to renew with them the bold 9700 was $239 according to retentions. Now it would be only $199.

  • jim

    Hmmm, let’s see. Rogers is still going to serve you fried worms.. but through a little oregano on top.

    no thx

  • Pederson

    Nothing in Canada should be over 24 months. Upgrades, contracts, whatever. The rest of the world signs in two years, why can’t we?

    Oh right, our ISP’s are greedy and hate Canada/Canadians. Thanks Bell/TELUS/Rogers.

  • Nadim Hammoud

    I hate Rogers! I am counting down the days till my contract ends so i can join wind or dave

  • Andrew

    I buy my phones straight up, no contract. You all should learn to do that. That’s freedom right there. But then again, you wouldn’t have anything to complain about on here, would you? Say what you want about the companies, but don’t forget who you are asking to pay for your phone for you.

  • Nicolas Santella

    Does Bell have the same thing? How does Bell work when it comes to upgrading your phone?

  • J

    dunno if anyone is aware that when you go on a 3 year contract with a promo pricing on a smartphone for lets say $99.99 if you multiply your data package which is usually around $25 you are paying $300 which is close to the same price as a 2 year term. the difference is you are not bound on keeping the data package if you don’t want to

  • Fobok

    This is pretty good, I think. For those of us who just can’t afford to buy a phone outright, at least.

    My question would be, what happens to your contract? Is it totally reset when you upgrade, so you then have three years again, or is it 3 years on top of the year remaining? That I think would be excessive.

    If it’s the former, I very well might be upgrading to a smartphone come April.

  • Larry

    Most phones will barly make 2years not alone 3,With iPhones you can’t change the battery.Apple better get.more stores so people can get service.Calgary has only 1 Apple store

  • Arshad

    @ Rich: Well Telus might not advertise it but they do do pretty much the same thing which Rogers is now advertising and has been doing it for quite some time. And as for Bell, I’m not sure what kind of ‘treats’ you’re talking about that they may have offered recently.

  • Jeff

    “so in 2 years, i can get a new 3 year contract for a new phone, meaning i am now locked in for 4 year contract?”

    It doesn’t stack.

  • Barry

    doesn’t add on time

  • Nadeem Khan

    does this mean the contracts are now 24 months as well? cause thats the only reason one will lock into a contract is to get a better phone.

  • C FitzPatrick

    does this mean i can now cancel my rogers contract because they changed their contract? MATERIAL ADVERSE CLAUSE HERE I COME!!!!!!!

  • box

    i think contract length is set at a max for 3 years.

    For example I’m done 2 / 3 years of my contract, if I upgrade I sign an other 3 years– but those 3 years is the new contract..

    So in essence you’d start from scratch once you upgrade / sign the 2nd 3 year contract..