Video: Touchscreen accuracy put to the test

Here is one of the coolest explanations of how touchscreens actually work. The MOTO Development Group has put a video together that compares several touchscreens to evaluate the resolution and accuracy. All they did was install a drawing program and dragged their finger across the touchscreen… the devices they used were the iPhone, Droid Eris and Droid. It’s interesting and worth a look.

If you visit their website they give a complete breakdown of the analysis.  They give some advice for those who are thinking about making a touchscreen device. They state “MOTO has worked with capacitive touch interfaces for more than 15 years, and here are some essential dos and don’ts for anyone entering the field:

  • Don’t skimp on materials. With touchscreen hardware, manufacturers get what they pay for — and consumers will notice the difference.
  • Allow ample time to develop your algorithms. Don’t treat touchscreen algorithms as an element of component sourcing; for best results, create a distinct touch development track under your own roof to make sure your products are both responsive and accurate.
  • Closely integrate touchscreen hardware, software, and user interaction development, and do so as early as possible in the product development process. Never treat them as separate tasks.

More here at labs.moto.com

Via: EngadgetMobile