Samsung m330 now available at PC Mobile

PC Mobile has made the Samsung m330 available and can be yours a couple of ways. Either the device itself or on a “bundle” with a Samsung m330 Bluetooth headset and vehicle adapter.

The straight up m330 is priced at $69 while the bundle is available for $99. This is comparable to the Solo Mobile prices that we saw last week of a 2-year contract for $25 or prepaid for $100. I personally think the PC price is better… but it all depends on how much you talk as the price plans are a bit different.

The PC m330 is a slider that comes with a $10 start-up credit and a bunch of free features: call display, incoming text messages, voicemail, call waiting and call forwarding. Overall dimensions are 94 x 45 x 15 mm and weighs only 97 grams. The m330 has a 2-inch screen with a resolution of 128 x 160, 0.3 megapixel VGA camera with digital zoom, 2.5mm headset jack, Bluetooth, speakerphone.

More here at PC Mobile