Nokia 6750 lands at Rogers for $99.99 on 3-year


  • Seungheon Lee

    Looks like the old KRZR.
    Damn $99 for this? Who’d get a phone like this for $99…

  • murano

    Again 32gb of expandable memory it well worth the $99

  • Ace

    $99 is actually a reasonable price for this phone. It’s stainless steel, 3G, premium feeling, and quality. You are signing up for a 3-year term. Even if you upgrade after 2-years, you are paying $4.13/month. Think before you comment Seungheon.


    i wouldnt pay $99 for this on NO CONRACT!!
    lol and it does not come with 32GB memory card “murano” lol maybe that would make it worth while.. (not on 3year tho) oh canada!

  • Koolaid drinker

    Not really understanding the big deal about contracts. I have had a cell phone for 10 yr and only switched once, and I only switched cuz at the time telus said there was no way they would get the iPhone.
    But I guess you don’t have to sign contract if you don’t want to. Go to virgin,koodo whatever.

    Here is how I see it, I use my phone at least 100 times a days that is on the phone, emails , text , check the time date…… Everything. So if you compare the cost of you phone to say……you new blue Ray what 250 and you may use It 3,4..maybe 10 times month. I have issue paying whatever for the phone it’s self.

    Is it Just me?

  • PJ

    imo, a blackberry flip for $10 (..or is it free now?…) on a 3-year would kick this things arse…
    I guess the BB flip isn’t the highest quality piece, but chances are you will want to upgrade in a year or two anyway and either phone should easily last that long – but the BB is unquestionably a more capable phone.. plus its $100 cheaper… ha

  • logic

    PJ, but think about the extra money you are paying per month with a BB compared to this “dumbphone”

    they can sell the bb for less upfront cause they are making waaaaay more back in the end cause of your monthly bill…