Analyst confirms BlackBerry touchscreen slider coming in 2010

RIM patents BlackBerry "Hybrid" slider with trackballThere has been a number of rumours of when RIM is going to release a device that has a full QWERTY keyboard and touchscreen capabilities. This has been labeled with the name “Pluto” and model number 9900.

We’ve written about this many times but Kaufman Bros. analyst Shaw Wu has written a report that it’s in the prototype stage and likely to ship in 2010. Wu says it’s the “best of both worlds” and that “contacts in the industry and parts suppliers who say the touchscreen slider phone is in development and resembles a cross between the Storm2 and one of RIM’s non-touch QWERTY devices.

The pic to the left is from a previous post we wrote way back on March 2nd, 2008 of a RIM patent that could actually be a working model of what they will be releasing. A device that has the QWERTY feel of a Bold 9700 and the touchscreen capabilities of a Storm2 is a natural progression.

More soon!

Via: electonicista