Ouch… iPhone 3GS Shot with 9mm and Burned


  • Kevin Wongsosaputro

    he sure can type fast…

    • lailayoung

      yeah.it's true

  • FuturDreamz

    I should check out Google OS eventually.

  • Matthew Schrock

    This guy did not shoot his working iPhone. He has puffy white hands, chews his nails and wears a watch as he types on his iPhone.

    The rest of the video is an athletic guy with a tan, no watch (and no watch tan lines) and healthy nails. This second guy never turns on his iPhone which suggests that it not working.

    Looks like a hoax.


  • Nuelo Black

    This type of anger is the result of a common mistake people make: Comparing iPhone to HTC/Windows Mobile. When will people get it? They are two completely different animals. One is a multimedia ONLY device and the other is a multimedia/business device that allows for more freedom, customization, and manipulation according to each individual users needs.