Motorola looking to capitalize on cellphone ban, puts Bluetooth headsets on sale


With the recent news that people in Ontario will follow suit of Quebec, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Newfoundland and Labrador that prohibits us from using a wireless handset while driving (some exexptions), it seems that Motorola is looking to capatize on this and put all new Bluetooth Wireless headsets on sale.

Prices range from $99.95 to $29.95 and come with several features that will make your drive safe and ensure you don’t get a ticket, or go to jail. You can expect over the next few months lots of promotions for wireless headsets from manufacturers and carriers. Make sure you do some research on which one suits you best and ask yourself some of these questions:

How is the quality of sound when I speak?
How is the reception?
Can I pair more that one device?
What is the battery life?
How do I charge it?
Will I be stylish with this on my ear?
How much does it weigh?
What is the wireless range?