Bell Palm Treo Pro Review

We cracked open the Palm Treo Pro yesterday and used it all day today.

The good news about the Palm Treo Pro is the design. This is an incredible achievement and step up from the previous Treo devices we’ve seen in the past. I must say I like to feel of the Pro in my hand… it feels smooth with its rounded edges and only weighs in at 133 grams. It has a 2.5 inch (320 x 320) touchscreen display with a full QWERTY keypad. If you’re a previous Treo user you’ll notice that the buttons are spaced out a bit more, but for me, still too close together as I had to backspace a number of times while typing my messages.

The glossy (gets lots of fingerprints) and shiny Black is a nice feature and adds some much needed class to the Treo lineup.

With all this said there’s nothing truly new to the actual workings, it comes loaded with Windows Mobile 6.1 Professional so you can edit your Word and Excel documents and read your PowerPoints and PDF’s. Some features include a 2-megapixel camera (8x digital zoom and video capabilities), Wifi, built-in GPS, Bluetooth, can hold up to 16GB of extra memory, 3.5mm headphone jack.

Over the next week we will give this a good run for its money and test out the GPS, Web, Music player, Camera/Video and battery life. For now, check out our part 1 here:

(Bring on the Pre)