RIM records all employee conversations: “I record everything”

robinbienfait_270x196With all the ongoing leaks that have hit the web, to protect their intellectual property RIM has taken matters into their own hands by recording all employee conversations.

In an interview with ZDNet.com.au, RIM CIO Robin Bienfait said “Everything I have that’s on RIM is recorded and retained as RIM. So if they want to have a chat with somebody and it’s not a chat that’s within RIM’s domain, then they may want their own personal device. Everything. I record everything”.

Apparently employees know what they are getting into when they join RIM, Bienfait goes on to say “They’re doing business inside of RIM. Everything they can say or do can be patented…We’re not violating anybody’s privacy. They’re aware that their information is transparent and in visibility. Their running anything on the RIM network or in our space is something that we have to capture because of disclosure”.

If you have seen come pre-release images hit the web, RIM is well aware of those also. They have pre-release beta devices for employees to test off the RIM campus and “have to trust that they guard it”. However when breaches do occur, Bienfait says “we go take a look at whatever the breach or the leak is and we track it back to who or whatever caused it and we take whatever necessary action”, generally she says “our people are really, really good. They know their obligations as a beta tester.”

Wowzers… is your company this strict?

Via: Cnet