A couple cellphone tower stories (Bell & Rogers)

images1The carriers are always looking for new areas to put cellphone towers… somehow they always find some awkward location like a church or in an seniors backyard.

In Edgemont (Vancouver) residents got their way with a proposed 18-storey cellphone tower. Bell Mobility dropped their plans to build the tower as residents complained about health risks. Also, as the proposed site was near a highway the province could stop plans as it’s a threat to vehicle traffic. Bell said they have “a change in business direction with respect to mobile communications”.

Rogers has proposed a 65-metre cell tower in Burlington and provide better wireless, high-speed coverage. Residents are fuming saying the “proximity to the Appleby Line/Bell School Line facility airport, its potential danger to people’s health and its effect on property values, migrating birds and the life cycle of bees.”

Rogers’ Site Acquisition Specialist Karen Balbaa said the location “most ideal” and the tower location is “just a proposal… willing to look at other options”. The ultimate decision  of a tower going up is with Industry Canada.