AdMob: iPhone #1 in Canada for mobile internet usage

AdMob released their October mobile internet traffic stats and have declared that worldwide requests grew 13.8%  to 5.8 billion.

Some key results were:
1. Sony Ericsson passed Motorola and is now the #2 handset manufacturer worldwide.
2. Apple jumped ahead of LG and RIM and is now the #5 handset manufacturer worldwide.
3. The iPhone is now the #1 device in the AdMob Network with 4.1% share of requests in October.

Each month AdMob shares their finding based on the number of requested ad impressions from their 6,000 publishers. This month AdMob focussed on the Apple iPhone and its global impact. They found that iPhone requests have increased from 28 million requests in July to 236 million requests in October.

– 62.8% of iPhone requests were from the US, where the iPhone is the #2 device behind the RAZR with 6.9% of US requests.
– The iPhone is the number 1 device in each of the following countries: Canada, France, Japan, Australia, Germany, Italy, Singapore, and Switzerland.

More info here at AdMob (PDF)