Solo Mobile promotes “Solo in the City 40” plan

Solo Mobile is promoting the latest customized plan called “Solo in the City 40”.

Here you have a minimum monthly fee of $40 and gets you 1000 “anytime”, includes Call Waiting, Call Forwarding and 3-way calling. The kicker of a plan like this is the extras though: $0.15 text messages (incoming/outgoing), additional minutes are $0.30, long distance is $0.30 a minute.

Also, with the standard one-time activation charge of $35.00, monthly system access fee of $6.95 and 9-1-1 service fee of $0.50. The totals really add up – Base plan of $40, plus $42.45 for first month charges, plus any additional charges = go for another plan.

Here are details:

Solo Mobile promotes “Solo in the City 40″