MobiTV Pres. kinda apologizes to HowardForums “sight”

Our fellow Canadian site HowardForums.com had a whirlwind few days after a member posted a link with directions to view company’s video feeds without paying MobiTV’s $9.95 a month subscription. After many e-mails from Josh Andrews(Corporate Counsel at MobiTV) threatening to shut him down, the MobiTV security faults are now “fixed” and the President of MobiTV has kinda apologized to Howard.

Good form – however, Paul Scanlan’s e-mail is laced with standard corporate jargon and no real apology for the threats. In addition, it’s easy to understand why the MobiTV site has faults because the “apology” e-mail has a couple typo’s and run-on sentences! Leadership from above…. Here is the e-mail:

“Howard, great catching up today. Again, we’re big fans of the sight and our intention was never to bring your entire sight down or to “censor the Internet” like we’re being accused. The irony is that is quite the opposite type of company we are and as one of the leaders in new media, we couldn’t be more supportive of the rights of sights like yours. Please know that our first priority is always to fix any security issues with our system and we’re doing that. Additionally, we also have a responsibility to our content and carrier partners to reduce the impact of any breaches to the system once they occur and that was really the basis for the correspondence you had with our legal team.

I look forward to continuing to find interesting and vibrant insights from HowardForums.

Best regards,
Paul Scanlan
Cofounder, President”