Samsung Galaxy S3 receives update to OS 4.1.2, brings Multi-window support

Ian Hardy

June 25, 2013 10:12am

An update has been pushed through to Samsung Galaxy S3 users (I747) OTA and Kies – so far we’ve heard it’s available to Rogers, Bell, MTS, Koodo, Fido and TELUS users. This update brings it to OS 4.1.2, version MVLDMF1. A number of readers have noted improvements to the gallery, multi-window feature, but according to the internal doc we received it shows the following changes:

– Improved download speeds when HSPA+ network coverage.
– Proactively addresses instances where third party VoIP apps could interfere when dialing E911

This should be available now for you to download, let us know what changes you notice.
Update: Seems like Group Play is also included in this update.

(Thanks Scott, Dill, Marc, Gregg!)

  • KC

    It gave me multi-window (I’m on TELUS), which got me excited for a second before realizing that the screen isn’t really big enough for it.

    Would probably work great if I had Minuum, though.

    • Ricky Cheung

      When you’re using multi-window, the onscreen keyboard is smaller than then regular and can move around. So if you’re working on the bottom window, the keyboard will be in the upper half of the screen.

    • KC

      I think that’s with the Samsung keyboard, not SwiftKey

    • Ricky Cheung

      Oh I didn’t know you were talking about SwiftKey. Well the functionality is there, it’s your choice whether use it or not.

    • Grant Jeffrey

      Does the stock keyboard work better now? On 4.1.1 it got really laggy, it took almost a minute to load, and autocorrect stopped working.

    • Samer SIII

      The stock keyboard is loads better but if you’re still noticing lag try SwiftKey (they have one month free to start with)

    • Samer SIII

      Imo multiwindow is a gimmick it’s like a different version of multitasking and you’re right the screen is way too small to play with something like that. Even using a MHL cable to the TV doesn’t help lol
      Its a nice idea coming from pc’s to phones but isn’t perfected unless you have magic eyes or a magnifier

    • patrick jackson

      To you its a gimick but a lot of people use it and appreciate the feature.

  • Lt_Dan

    Its available on MTS GS3’s as well.

  • Candido

    Does this update us from 4.1.1 to 4.1.2?

    • alphs22


    • Candido

      We are finally on par with the rest of the world now (excluding the 4.2.2 leaks).

    • alphs22

      Terrible that the NA GS3 gets updates months later.

      Hopefully when 4.2.2 is released the timing is more on par. But that’s wishful thinking.

    • Candido

      Look at the bright side….at least we got 4.1.2 before the US carrier SIII units!

    • Tony Sarju

      Some US carriers got 4.1.2 a few months ago.

    • Candido

      Not AT&T.

    • Tony Sarju


    • SeanSandy

      Just checked… I have 4.2.2 on my phone, didn’t realise I wasn’t supposed to?

  • alphs22

    Also available on Fido. I know, Fido is owned by Rogers.

    Changes I noticed:
    -Don’t know if it’s just me but the camera seems snappier and faster to focus.
    -Best photo and best face shooting modes: were these new or did I just not realize they were there?
    -Multi-view support
    -As mentioned, gallery improvements
    -More bloatware (app called Paper Artist)

    • KC

      Group Play is also installed, so you can share stuff with a group of people with GS3/GS4/Note(?) on the same Wi-Fi network.

      Which seemed stupid when I first read it, but I realized that >half my close circle have GS3s (the remainder have iPhones). Samsung’s actually reached critical mass for this function to be useful.

    • Grant Jeffrey

      Group play was released on the play store a couple weeks ago. I guess now you just don’t get a choice.

    • KrispyInTO

      Paper artist is actually pretty cool, its got a nice UI its functions are similar to paper camera.

    • Guillaume Gagnon

      When you want to clear the recent used apps by holding home button, the icon changed

  • Ben

    my phone doesn’t want to start again after this update, it stuck on Samsung logo for 2 hours now………

    • Zafir Kanji

      Did you get it to work? I’ve noticed that happens when I come from a custom rom. If you just updated the stock rom and it’s stuck try doing this:

      1. pull battery out, leave for 10 seconds
      2. put battery back in and hold up volume, home button and power button to boot into recovery
      3. wipe cache and dalvik (should be in advanced settings)
      4. reboot

    • Ben

      i dont see advance sitting. >< my sg3 wasn't a custom

    • Zafir Kanji

      Try just wiping the cache then

  • Omer

    On WindMobile and NO update 🙁 Disappointing.

  • Guest

    Got the update this morning. I’m on Koodo. I like the multi-window feature.

  • special k

    On Koodo. Got the update this morning.

  • moedin1

    this is sad considering that 4.2.2 was just launched for the international variant.
    CM > Stock

    • alphs22

      It was leaked, not launched. No S3 has official 4.2.2 from Samsung.

  • Bent

    Lost bluetooth tethering.

    • special k

      don’t see it either.

    • $57423917

      Not surprised to hear that it’s been removed, since the feature isn’t available on the Galaxy Note II running 4.1.2 either…

    • Samer SIII

      Always used this
      Annoying how something is offered and ripped from you with no notice
      Stepping backwards makes no sense but in the developers eyes it’s saving you battery!

    • DJ Digital dB

      its the same thing with USB mass storage that we lost on the last update

  • Zack

    Just got the update on Sasktel. I had to uncheck and re-check the multi window option to get the tray to show up.

    • Shawn T. Nicholson

      Hold down the “back” key to select mukti-window

    • Zack

      Nice. Thanks.

  • Nikesh Patel

    try using the kies software. I know, it sounds annoying, but it was the only way i got around that message.

  • Kerrie

    I’m angry because it took away the ability to swipe call from the texting screen!

    • Xak

      Immediately write an angry letter to Obama!

    • special k

      they changed the behavior – swipe from right to left, go half way and then swipe right; very annoying; argh …

    • alphs22

      I can swipe left to right to call, right to left to message. No going halfway or whatever.

    • special k

      It doesn’t work on mine. I can do swipe left to right from the middle and it works.

    • Samer SIII

      Yes finicky but this way works for me now

    • alphs22

      If you’re in the text screen, just put up your phone to your ear and it would automatically call.

    • Super_Deluxe

      That’s odd because I still have that swiping feature after updating. Just tried and it’s still there.

  • Devhux

    Have you rooted your phone? Does your Device Status say “Modified” under Settings > About Phone?

  • $57423917

    I haven’t had a chance to give this a spin, but can anyone answer as to whether or not this update fixes the slow-as-molasses laggy keyboard that was introduced with 4.1.1?

    • Henry

      I don’t know but try downloading the stock Google keyboard, it’s faster than some.

    • special k

      use swift. money well spent.

    • Samer SIII

      It is much better but honestly not up to par with SwiftKey’s offering

  • Wufai

    Those who are planning to upgrade to 4.1.2. search the internet for FREE DIY unlock on the GS3 before you upgrade. free diy unlock only works on 4.1.1

    • Kyle Dodsworth

      Thanks for the reminder! Meant to do that a long time ago…

    • Super_Deluxe

      what is that?

    • Eric Ly

      It is a method to unlock your phone so that you can use it on other carriers. It is free and really easy to do but it only works on 4.1.1. Once you do it however, it is permanent and will work on 4.1.2.

  • Jay

    Is anyone else’s GS3 crashing like crazy? Mine is crashing literally on any app I tried to launch. Is there a way to force Kies to re-install the firmware?

    • Eluder

      Have you tried a factory reset/erase?

    • Jay

      @Eluder:disqus , really don’t want to. Accidentally forgot to backup my settings and now I am stuck since I can’t backup anything (phone crashes) and without backup, don’t really wanna factory reset it.

      If it helps anyone else, my GS3 was rooted prior to update, so I am guessing the apps got installed with god permissions and now that the update removed root permissions, the apps are crashing on access issues.

    • Ben

      how u do that, mine is not even turning on it stick on samsung logo on start up

    • Tim Palmer

      mine is constantly crashing, takes forever to launch and sometimes I can not even answer the phone and I use it for business. IPhone is looking good right now

    • DJ Digital dB

      just do a full reset or reflash cuz i think once youve had an android you cant go back to limiting yourself with iphones

  • Kayla

    Wasn’t there supposed to be options to disable the brightness slider and change toggles in the notification panel?

    • Samer SIII

      Unfortunately only 4.2 not 4.1.2
      Confusing yes as both are still called JellyBean? Lol

    • Kayla

      Actually if you check around, videos ect. it’s a 4.1.2 feature.

  • Alvin Avanzado

    Samsung, thanks but no thanks. I am running Paranoid Android 3.60 (Android 4.2.2) and it is very stable and fast. I don’t need to run bloatwares on stock Samsung OS.

    • $57423917

      To each their own. Some people don’t even run their device rooted let alone with a custom ROM, so an official OEM update is good for those customers who don’t do that sort of stuff.

  • Phil Deveau

    does it include the premium suite (best face for the camera?)

    • alphs22


  • Colin

    when will wind get this?

  • Jean-Philippe

    YEAH! Got it on Rogers!

  • Jean-Philippe

    Got it but unable to customize notification center!

  • Acadia_ca

    How do you turn off the annoying prompts such as how to swipe the screen? I never had those before the update, now I don’t know how to turn them off. I turned off the multi window in settings, but I don’t see where to turn off the prompts.

    • alphs22

      There’s a checkbox that says don’t display again…

      Also it’s a one time thing.

    • Samer SIII

      Had the same problem
      Go to your apps box (bottom right corner of your home screen)
      Open up the help app
      Scroll down and press show help tip pop-ups
      And you can unchecked them all from there

  • Sammie Neely

    Dang cricket had it before att Verizon and tmobile. What carriers is this article covering? And where are they located?

    • Grant Jeffrey

      Check the banner at the top of the page and see which country you’re looking at.

  • Grant Jeffrey

    Kies is so horrible I’d rather wait weeks to get this ota.

    • Grant Jeffrey

      Well I’m trying kies now and it looks like it still may take a few weeks.


    why does mine say Acces to the software update is provided to users in the order in which they request it.please rty again.

    • Tony Sarju

      Update servers are hammered.

    • KENNY

      sorry but i dont get what you mean.

    • Stuntman06

      It means that a large number of people are attempting to download the update. They can only handle so much traffic at a time and cannot handle your request to update. You will just have to retry later.

    • Tony Sarju

      The servers that provide the downloads for the OTA files are being hit hard by many users upgrading their phones at the same time. You’ll have to keep trying or use the Samsung Kies software to upgrade.

    • KENNY

      thank you.

    • Samer SIII

      Try plugging into your computer and updating using the Samsung Kies software (Samsung version of iTunes)

  • p_lindsay

    Just noticed it changes the lockscreen from the water ripples to lighting up where you touch it. I also find my notification shade is a little glitchy.

  • Dean

    Can someone tell me have we the ability to wave our hand over to answer?

    • Samer SIII

      No most of the new additions you see are specifically marketed for the S4 using Android 4.2
      This update for the S3 is the previous version 4.1.2
      But the S3 does let you answer calls using the home button or Voice

  • Jake

    Now please come to the original Note.

  • Joel H

    Got the update and now I my USB connection options when plugged into my PC are gone… anyone else notice this?

    • Tony Sarju

      Do you mean your PC doesn’t recognize your phone as a USB drive anymore?

  • Nicolas Chartier

    Videotron ?

    • DJ Digital dB

      videotron is a different version of the s3 a t999v if im not mistaken so you might wait longer or just never get it the main difference with both devices is that one is LTE and the videotron one isnt

  • fk85

    After the update, it asks to to install now, then the options are “Later, Install all, or Install” What is the difference between install all and just install?

    • Samer SIII

      I can’t confirm this but install is just the OS and install all is that plus all of your apps from the Google Play Store. Install all is the best option.

    • QWERTY

      I did “Install” and all my apps from market did not deleted… a friend made “Install All” and i cant see any difference actually

  • Samer SIII


  • Megan Besaw

    I’ve noticed that now my phone takes a ridiculous amount of time to charge, and the battery drains insanely fast. The only change before this started happening was the update.

  • Samer SIII

    Since I purchased my S3 through Fido in January I’ve been using SwiftKey as the default keyboard. The stock keyboard was horrible compared to the iPhone one I was used to previously. It just kept on freezing, partly because I’m a fast typer. But this update brought the stock keyboard almost in line with SwiftKey’s; except that SwiftKey has better word prediction and corrections. Some nice additions I noticed were GroupPlay and positive incremental changes to SVoice although Google Now is better imo. I wish they made changes to Messages like vibrating on incoming texts ONLY when in silent mode and having the whole message popup where ever you are in the OS (luckily there’s SMS Popup for that). Also you can use the phone app in landscape mode I just wish there was the regular phone button tones instead of the annoying water droplet sounds but hey, these changes are better than having all that bloatware the S4 comes with! Imo I think Google needs to work better with its oem partners with bringing Android updates faster to all devices not just the Nexus Devices, I understand customizations like TouchWiz and Sense make it more difficult and unable to standardize Android but it’s just an overlay on the OS. Besides that, imo Android is so far the best mobile OS where I can find a solution to pretty much everything I need to get out of using a smartphone. The only one important thing on the top of my wishlist is an Undo feature lol.
    PS The update is available to Virgin Customers too.

  • Jean-Philippe

    is it me or S-Voice wa also updated?

  • Ana Gallardo

    Um , me and my mom have the same phone and when we both did the update we notice that she had like a half circle to the left of the screen that works like a short cut.problem is , I don’t have that. I even restarted my phone and everything but its still not there , Any ideas ?

    • ejmears

      Sounds like somehow her handset has defaulted to “multi window” being on and yours has not. To try it out or turn her’s off go to Settings, Display then check (or unchecK) the box for Multi Window.

  • Alex Khod

    After update, phone is only in Roaming mode, even when connected to my Fido network. Called Fido, they don’t know what to do. Any ideas? Please, help!

  • Cole545

    Still not available on Virgin network. I think my mistake was, I bought my phone on the Virgin network…

  • Christie N Shaun Mislivecek

    on US Cellar did the update and we only got multi window and the Gallery updated but it’s not the full update for us yet.

  • Aleks

    Keep getting constant email notifications for the same email over and over again after the update. Very annoying!!

  • Derrick P.

    NOT FOR TELUS!!!! I tried to upgrade and it tells me that “Access to the software update service is provided to users in the order in which they request it. Try again later.” I didn’t know that there was a priority list but it is Telus. What was I thinking haha. Does anyone know how to get passed this? I really want the update.

  • jeff kaczor

    Can anyone tell me when wind mobile will push out this update to its customers?
    Thank you


    Since the update on my G3 th 4G connection lightt is on most of the time eve n when I’m
    In my home with wi fi. I called to ask about it and was told items was the new caller I’d function that they pushed. It uses up the battery like crazy and it can’t be removed. They suggested turning off the phone data connection which is r incredibly inconvenient. I’m almost 80 and I forget to turn it back on when I leave the house. This phone is like a lifeline for me and now the battery won’t last a day.


    Ever since the update, the clock on my phone is 4 minutes off. I know I can set manually, but as I display 3 separate timezones (for work), I need to have it auto-set. This is annoying!
    When I get a text and reply, my reply shows up in the display as being sent prior to receiving the text I am responding to and is time-stamped as such. EX: received text at 1:20pm, I reply at 1:21pm, my reply shows 1:21pm but now the initial text sent at 1:20shows received at 1:24pm. I am getting messages from the future. LOL
    As well, my phone is now constantly freezing on a black screen (not app related) and shuts down by itself. Often, I am unable to turn it back on right away (takes 3-4 tries).
    I’m with Bell, not sure if that makes a diff in how I am experiencing the update.
    Not impressed at all.
    anyone else experiencing similar issues?

    • Joseph

      use Helium back up your apps then do a full wipe of your phone that usually solves majority of problems and it is strongly suggested doing so in each update that comes out 😀

  • singram

    I’m on Videotron, I just received notice of the update now. I’m waiting until I get home to update over wifi.

  • patrick jackson

    Is there anyway to get android 4.1.2 without rooting?

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