Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 upgrade to ICS hitting Rogers, Bell and TELUS users

Ian Hardy

August 27, 2012 11:40am

Word on the street is that the long-awaited upgrade from Android OS 2.3 to 4.0.4 is now available to download OTA for the Rogers Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1. This, according to Rogers upgrade scheduled was supposed to be available “Early September,” but hey, can’t complain about getting Ice Cream Sandwich a bit early. Let us know if you’ve received it… hit your tablet menu > settings > about tablet and check for updates.

Update: We’ve been informed that the upgrade to OS 4.0.4 is also available for the TELUS and Bell Galaxy Tab 10.1.

(Thanks Annit, Pat, Alexander & Cynthia!)

  • wow!

    No way. Rogers is actually pushing an OTA update for an Android device! The world is going to end for sure. Its about f*****g time!

  • Sean

    Wow even before the wifi version got updated…

  • JR

    It is now available for TELUS devices as well. Downloaded it this morning.

  • Tony

    Telus ics update is out as well

  • Andy

    The browser now scrolls, and scrolls, and scrolls, all with one flick.

  • Eluder

    Sweet, can’t wait to see how this performs with ICS.

  • jack

    **** yes finally

  • David Harding

    Just got the upgrade a few minutes ago, so far so good. Will let you know of any pluses/minuses to ICS when it’s up and running.

  • Jean-Francois Messier

    What about the Wifi version ? It should actually be simpler and easier to implement. I already got the ROM from Europe when it came out. But for those who do not hack their tablet or do not get advanced stuff, when is it available ?

  • Justin

    Nice been to long for a update!!

  • Brandon

    the upgrade was from 3.0 honeycomb to 4.0.4 ics not from gingerbread.


    I’ve already flashed the ics update from the UK, but I really don’t understand how can the update for the carrier gt-p7500 galaxy tab 10.1s actually come out before the wifi only gt-p7510s. What the hell?

  • Beer Baron

    Knew i shoul dhave brought my tab to work i gotta wait to get home to try this out!

  • KetaCDX

    This is like official ICS release date week, sooo happy!! Now if only my RAZR’s would show up already 🙁

  • wewewi

    Anyone got a clue on how to root these new builds?

  • Watsan

    Talk about snappy! Glad to have this update, even with touchwiz. Icons are slightly larger and clearer, which really makes it feel like a tablet. Text sharpness was definitely given some attention, and I finally have access to chrome! Haven’t been this excited from my tab since the first time I turned it on haha

    • Alex

      Thanks for the brief review of te upgrade. Could you please help me answering a small but important question? In the “Language and input” tab, are there by any chance more language options than before? Is spanish listed there, maybe? Please please I really need to know… Thanks

  • krystian

    you cant be serious……so while everyone is enjoying their tablets on ICS i gotta wait just because i got the wifi version…..tell me how that even works?

  • Pascal B.

    Nice… ICS on my Telus GT 10.1

  • Stephanie

    Just finished downloading my update, sooo pleased with the fluidity improvements, and Google chrome is super fast. Yaaay! Extra happy.

  • Alex

    Hi Dave, Could you please help me answering a small but important question? In the “Language and input” tab, are there by any chance more language options than before? Is spanish listed there, maybe? Please please I really need to know… Thanks

  • Alex

    Thank you! It’s dissapointing though

  • Glenn

    Just checked my Rogers GT-P7500R and it says no update available… what’s up with that?!

    • Adeel

      Glen, Did you get any reply on your comment as mine says that as well?

  • serge

    Just updated my Rogers Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 Yahoo!!! The Samsung ebook app is now missing, can someone tell me where it is?

  • Paul

    Anyone having any luck getting the update on the wifi version?

  • NiKoi

    Those who updated to ICS – can you confirm that Adobe Flash is working?
    If not in Chrome – does it work in Dolphin?
    Thank you in advance!

  • Daniel

    YAY!!!! I got ics, after long waiting for so long very patiently. To those inquiring about flash, there is no flash in the play store for ics ,and flash games dont work. Youtube still works though even in chrome. Other than that i find it way faster than honeycomb and more responsive.

  • charles

    i have a galaxy tab 10.1 wifi and i dunno how to update to ics…. please tell me, im with telus and im in canada. PLEASE HELP!!!!

  • Brian

    Where the heck is the reading app. It was so good and I used it on a daily basis. Wth…

  • Sylmaster

    Just got ICS on my GALAXY TAB. Works fine. But am I the only finding the FONT not as clear/sharp as before. (it is blurry on mine)

    or am I too picky??

  • rkay

    I have a galaxy tab 10.1 wifi only on telus. I’ve read numerous reports that the tab 10.1 is receiving the upgrade to ICS but every time I go to check for updates or plug it in kies it shows no upgrade….help am I missing something?

  • PatTheFox

    ICS for wi-fi tablets seems to have been pushed out today.

    • Xris

      Thanks for the heads-up. I’d been checking for weeks. OTA download and update process Thursday afternoon was fast and flawless. Not a lot new, but everything runs far more smoothly and somewhat faster. Fewer anomalies. Battery life does seem to have taken a bit of a hit, though.